Boost Mobile Turns to Vine And YouTube With Creepy #ComeToData Videos

  • The prepaid phone player knows you check your phone in the bathroom, and, in its new campaign, reassures viewers that this practice is perfectly acceptable.


    In a slightly creepy come-to-daddy-esque effort to tout its $35 per month unlimited data plane, Boost Mobile, with help from 180LA, has launched a Vine and YouTube campaign that’s tagged #ComeToData.

    In two videos, which seemingly urge the continued use of mobile devices at inappropriate times, we have an illuminated phone taunting people to drop what they’re doing and give in to their incessant desires to grab their phone and obsess over the latest online distraction.

    In one, a priest in a confessional turns his attention from a parishioner to his phone when it says in an almost ghoulish tone, “The derby’s about to begin. Data knows how much you like the ponies.”

    In the other, two men walk into a bathroom to use the urinals and one becomes distracted by the other-worldly taunting of his phone which goes all creepy and says, “Data knows you like looking at adult heads on baby bodies. Come on. You got one free hand.”

    The campaign is also playing out on Vine with quick cuts from the videos.

    Boost Mobile is also promoting the campaign of Twitter and Facebook with the latter contributing 47,500 views in the last 24 hours.


    Sometimes that urge to use your phone in an inappropriate place is too strong. Even for the best of us. We say go with it. #CometoData

    Posted by Boost Mobile on Thursday, April 9, 2015

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