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August 13, 2015

Strategic Blogging=Conversion and Lead Magnet

Strategic Blogging = Conversion and Lead Magnet

If you think you’re too busy to write and feel that blogging can’t work for your work schedule, you might want to reconsider with the possibility of increasing your sales and leads opportunities.

A simple content marketing strategy can bring more visitors to your website as well as attract more fans and followers to your social networks.

According to an article on Hubspot, “companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.” Not only is this the right strategy for increasing visibility, but it also provides a way for your audience to know what your brand or business is all about.

You don’t need to be a writing guru to get started with blogging. In fact, your business can get started fresh today or reactivate an existing blog. Your readers are looking for helpful information that will meet their needs with a brand they know can relate to them on their level. Articles that are honest and full of value tend to get the greatest response.

Stand out from the rest with there 5 ways to create an attractive blogging and content marketing strategy:

1. Begin where you are today

It’s tempting to over-inflate your expertise, but the Internet is flooded with “gurus” and “experts.” The good news is that your business can be a startup yet able to offer valuable content to your readers. For example, sharing your journey and growth is something people can relate to comment on. Through your transparency, your content will begin to evolve and grow as you glean from feedback. This is a good opportunity to interview experts in your field and publishing what they know on your blog with a shout out to them on social media.

2. Know your target audience

Your social networks can provide valuable insights into who your readers are and what they are looking for. By using analytics and Twitter Advanced Search you can learn more about the questions they are asking, and what their pain points are. This information is invaluable to your content strategy, which will help give you ideas for your blog posts as well as what the competition is posting online.

3. Grab their attention

Keep your articles as clear and concise as possible, with catchy headlines that people will want to read and share. Many times readers will pass by a website just because of a boring or uninteresting title. How to’s, numbered lists, and emotion grabbing headlines do best. Here’s a great example of an eye-catching blog post from the SmallBizLady business blog:


4. Stay consistent and stick with it

A regular blogging schedule of two to three posts a week will start the ball rolling on attracting more leads for your business. After a steady stream of content stick with the process, as it typically takes around 2 months to begin to see real results. Be patient with the process, and use this time to reach out to other blogs in your industry and beef up your social networks.

5. Celebrate successes and good reviews

Whether you’re a business or an author you can share the positive feedback from your customers and readers. Images from Instagram and Facebook are especially attractive along with testimonials and personal stories. This not only projects a more personal side but also gives your audience a voice online.

There are many tried and true writing strategies that can help your brand or business get started in blogging. For example, your industry may be more attracted to videos while others love infographics. Try a variety of content and monitor what your readers are responding to the most. The most important element is to not give up as a business blog opens the door for new opportunities and establishes your brand an authority in your niche.

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