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July 25, 2015

Since the time website builders have made their presence felt, the days of going through the daunting task of creating a website, brick by brick, and writing endless codes, line by line, are well past behind us. These wonderful and inexpensive tools have truly forever changed the entire manner websites were built and are proving to be of major benefit to web entrepreneurs, who now are more optimistic than ever, regarding the productivity of their respective websites. They now look forward to improved cost-effectiveness, feasibility and quickness in their website building tasks that makes the situation apparently pretty much awesome for everyone.

Things Aren’t This Pretty

However, similar to the case where Yin comes with Yan, bad follows good as well. A single google search offers a list of as much as thousands of website builders that may not necessarily suit everyone’s website building specifications or prerequisites. Very often it has been observed that people inadvertently join parties with a website builder that although, offers an all-inclusive package at remarkable price quotes, it is incapable of delivering just the right kind of services website owners expect. By the time they realize this, a significant portion of their assets are squandered away for nothing and unless they have the money-power to fund services of another website builder, they are involuntary compelled to stick with the existing one.

SEO, Is It Really Necessary for a Website Builder?

Website Builder

Search engine optimization is indeed one of the most ignored aspects that majority of web entrepreneurs fail to take into account, whenever they are on their way of making a selection on website builders. However, they are not to be blamed in this regard, since majority of posts on the internet are busy enlightening people on the design and customizability of website builders, but none of them actually make an effort to guide people, from an SEO perspective.

In real world though, SEO is the most important element that demands thorough consideration while making a selection on website builders. You see, regardless of the fact that your website is designed innovatively and intuitively, it is going to draw near to zero response from potential customers, if it doesn’t ranks within the top search engine results. A website builder should comprise of adequate tools and other analytical abilities that are dedicated to make sure your website stands out of the herd and marks a distinctive presence on the internet. Therefore, it is immensely important to consider the SEO factor, prior to choosing a website builder.

Here you go

When it comes to SEO friendly website builders, you can’t really keep Wix out of the dialog. Commonly known as SEO centric website builder, this tool has the potential to enhance responsiveness of your website towards SEO to several manifolds.

  • Rich Collection of Fully Customizable HTML5 Templates
  • Streamlined Drag and Drop Website Builder
  • Search Engine Friendly Website Builder
  • Ideal for E-Commerce Websites

Weebly is another great tool to get started with creating a website in a simplistic and effortless manner. This website builder, with its diverse range of options in customization and templates, is capable of creating blogs, websites and online stores within few minutes.

  • Intuitive and Unique Theme Palette
  • Instant Signup and Hassle Free Operation
  • Sophisticated and Simple Drag and Drop Operation
  • Create Websites Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets offers a very much basic website builder that is suitable for beginners who are trying their hand at creating websites for the first time. This website builder is also very useful from an SEO perspective and provides you enough tools to rank your website high on search engine results page.

  • Quick and Easy Website Building Tools
  • Dedicated Customer Support Helpline
  • Highly Secure Website Builder
  • Suitable for All Business Types aims towards creating a professional website for your business. It offers as much as 4000 designs and templates, so that you are available with plenty of options to create a website that suits ideally with your business type.

  • Value-Added Packages that Help You to Grow Your Business
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Zero Risk Policy with Money Back Guarantee
  • Advanced Shopping Cart


Hub offers a very quick and easy to handle website builder that gets you started with your website within minutes. Its seamless integration with several tools and scripts will help you to create the website of your choice in a rather quick manner.

  • Single Click Website Publishing
  • Over 310 Free Applications
  • 3 Step Easy Website Creation
  • Suitable for Both Small and Large Businesses


Homestead is an ideal website builder for beginners. Its tools are laid out in a very simplified manner that poses minimum hassles before first time users. This website builder allows you to customize your website without making some serious efforts.

  • Choose a Website Template From Over 100 Business Categories
  • Completely Professional and Suitable for Any Business
  • Social Media Integration
  • Ability to Create Custom Menus


iPage is counted among one of the leaders of website building industry that has established its name in the industry on the basis of its remarkable functionality and quickness. Its builder has created websites of some of the major brands in the industry.

  • Technology Advanced and Sophisticated Website Building Tools
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Drag and Drop Feature
  • Photo Gallery Set-up Wizard offers a simple point-and-click editing feature that makes it one among the easiest website builders of the lot. You can create your website with this builder within minutes that means you can start selling almost instantaneously.

  • Hundreds of Website Design Templates
  • Completely Professional Template Designs
  • Point-and-Click Editing
  • Stock Image Library


BigRock has on offer one of the most powerful website builders that incorporates as much as 85,000 images and over 175 design templates. BigRock’s website builder optimizes your website for all search engines and assists your website to grab the top spot by covering an extensive list of keywords that are all relevant to your business. Some of its features include,

  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee If You are Not Satisfied With its Services
  • Easy to Use and User-Convenient Control Panels
  • Round the Clock Customer Support
  • 99% Uptime on Your Website


WebStartToday lets you understand your website with a dedicated SEO analytics feed that monitors website’s SEO performance in a periodic manner.

  • Huge Collection of Website Design Templates
  • Quick and Easy Customization
  • Tailored to Suit Your Business Type

Wide Range of Tools and Customization Options


Finally, we suggest that you get in touch with an expert or a guide in this respect that will help you with the decision-making process and prevent you from getting lost amidst the never ending abyss of website builders in the online landscape. Apart from that we are always here to help you with anything regarding website builders. Leave your feedback, doubts, queries, suggestions or simply anything in the comment section below. We would be more than happy to help you make the right decision.

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