Best paraphrasing tool, you can use to avoid plagiarism in 2021

Best paraphrasing tool, you can use to avoid plagiarism in 2021

Paraphrasing tools! Wait, what are these?

Some years back, we are used to having tools that are termed as conventional or we can name them as offline tools and till now many people consider these tools when we say “tools”

In the world of today, we have a variety of tools available on the internet that can be used to solve easy or complex terms.

When we talk about the writing field, many tools are proven beneficial in many aspects and the tools are readily available.

Plagiarism checkers, paraphrasing tools, article rewriters, and many more tools are included.

Here, we are going to specifically discuss paraphrasing tools and how they can help remove or avoid plagiarism.

But first of all, we need to have the basic concept of paraphrasing and how can we do it by using a paraphraser.

So, let’s break the ice.

What is paraphrasing?

This is the basic term when we are specifically roaming around the writing field, it is specially designed to remove plagiarism.

If you are a beginner, it is something that can be very useful for you but it is not only limited or restricted to making the content unique.

We can also use paraphrasing tools to write content that will be unique and readable because readability must be in focus too.

Paraphrasing can be done on your own but it can be somehow difficult to achieve that much accuracy so, you need to use some tools.

What is a paraphraser or paraphrasing tool?

It is pretty cleared by the name that paraphraser is something that can be used to rephrase the content while keeping the readability and uniqueness in consideration.

Luckily, the internet is full of paraphrasing tools, you can pick any of them which can easily fulfill your requirements.

And we have shortlisted some of the best paraphrasing tools that can help you making rephrasing easy and time-efficient.

Top 4 best paraphrasing tools of 2021

It is not wrong to say that the year 2021 is considered the year where we have most of the things available on the internet.

And same as we have many tools available that are considered as important especially when it comes to the writing tasks.


It can be a good option when you have a tool in which artificial intelligence is involved and is one of them.

There are some paraphrasers like this one that are designed to rephrase the content at a human level.

It means the paraphrased content will be more readable and easily understandable by anyone so, that’s something impressive.

Best paraphrasing tool, you can use to avoid plagiarism in 2021

The second most important thing that can be ignored by many paraphrasers is, the preservation of the original theme.

These paraphrasing tools are just designed and concerned about the uniqueness of content and that’s why they are only meant to ignore.

Paraphrasing by an online tool can be very easy and it just needs few steps to follow and you will get the rewritten text and that content must be readable and unique as well.

Why this tool?

  • Artificial intelligence involved
  • Quick response
  • Preservation of central idea
  • Human-level paraphrasing


This tool can easily save your time and effort as well because it is developed to change the words with their synonyms.

But it focuses on the context too which means this tool uses synonyms that can perfectly fit in content and in this way, you can improve the readability.

Best paraphrasing tool, you can use to avoid plagiarism in 2021

Sometimes, a paraphraser can use some complex synonyms that are not perfectly fit in the content and are unknown to many people.

When we are going to write something for the internet, we need to focus on every type of reader so that, the content must be as simple as you can make.

But keep in mind that creativity must not be ignored because sometimes, we avoid creativity to make content simple. is widely used by students and teachers because you can rephrase the content in bulk while saving your time.

Why this tool?

  • Authenticity and accuracy
  • Preservation of central idea
  • Engaging
  • Focus on readability


We can consider as a platform where we can see more than one online tools related to content writing.

But here, we are specifically talking about the paraphrasing tools so, we got a paraphrasing tool by this platform.

Best paraphrasing tool, you can use to avoid plagiarism in 2021

Same as the previously discussed paraphrasing tools, this tool is also designed to make content unique and preserving the original idea on focus.

We have more than one option to upload a file like we can go for copy-pasting or uploading directly by your device.

The good thing is, Editpad supports multiple formats in which txt, doc, pdf, and Docx formats are included.

Secondly, we can easily download the report of plagiarism and it can be helpful if you are a student or a teacher.

Why this tool?

  • Free of cost
  • Downloadable report
  • Removes plagiarism
  • Safety and security


If you want to rephrase content containing up to 500 words then this tool is the best option. is readily available and can give you authentic results in just a few seconds so, you can give it a try.

Best paraphrasing tool, you can use to avoid plagiarism in 2021

There are two options available; one is to copy and paste the content in the input field and secondly, you can upload a file from your device.

It can only paraphrase the content that is written in the English language as there are paraphrasers that support multiple languages.

Why this tool?

  • Free to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Readily available
  • Rephrase up to 500 words


Paraphrasing tools are really helpful and especially when you are a beginner and you need to keep uniqueness and readability both in focus.

In the above article, we have shared the basics of paraphrasing and paraphrasing tools, we also discussed the top 4 best paraphrasers.

By using any of these paraphrasers, you can easily remove the plagiarism and make your content more readable and impressive.

So, when you have amazing content uploaded on your site then it can eliminate the bounce rate and rank your website easily.

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Best paraphrasing tool, you can use to avoid plagiarism in 2021

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