A Beginner’s Guide to Using Twitter for Your Company

  • March 15, 2015

    Twitter has proven itself to be a powerful addition to any company’s successful social media marketing strategy. Although you may feel constrained by the 140 character limit at first, you will find that Twitter is a very powerful tool to reach your target audience and promote your company.

    Much of Twitter’s massive appeal and success as a social media platform lies in its ability to create direct connections between customers and companies. It creates instant conversations and engagement between your company and your customers.

    Here are some useful tips for your company if you’re thinking about using Twitter:

    Share Useful Information

    Try not to flood your twitter feed with promotional content. Share information and content you think your target audience would appreciate and find interesting. If you’re unsure, ask yourself if you’d like to see the content you’re posting if you were a follower.

    Let Your Personality and Brand Shine

    Don’t sound too robotic or formal. Try to tweet in a friendly and approachable way.

    Include a Photo

    Pictures and videos can say a lot more than just simple text or links. Incorporating text into a visual can also help you get around the 140 character limit. Plus, tweets with photos get 313% more engagement!

    Shorten Your Links

    Shortening services such as bit.ly shorten the amount of characters used in your links, but they also help your company track the number of times your content is clicked.

    Use Hashtags Strategically

    Don’t overdo them. Also, search the hashtags you want to use beforehand to make sure they’re active. Hashtags, if used correctly, can be extremely effective in putting your company at the centre of conversations and trends relevant to your industry.

    Retweet Your Followers

    Retweeting positive comments about your company allows you to engage with your customers and lets them know you really care about them. It makes people feel good and it’s also free positive publicity!

    Try Not to Begin Tweets With “@”

    Using “@” at the beginning of a tweet makes it visible only to the person you’ve mentioned as well as your mutual followers. Try putting a period or “hi!” at the beginning of your tweet (e.g. “Hi! @twitteruser…”).

    Share Fun “Behind the Scenes” Content

    Share pictures and videos of everyday life at your office. It humanizes your company and it’s fun content that followers are interested in seeing.

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