7 Social Media Sins (And How to Repent)

— May 23, 2017

The beginning of the year is all about making changes. Whether it’s getting healthy or saving money, the new year means you can start fresh. And the same goes for social media.

Social media is about connecting, building relationships, and networking. Unfortunately, the art of of using social media appropriately is one that’s learned through experience. If you’re new to social media, or just want to learn ways improve your online experience, we’re going to take you to church.

Try to avoid these seven deadly social sins – or risk the wrath of your friends!


There’s some things that just shouldn’t go on the internet. The problem is that our connection to the world is right in our back pocket, and we often don’t think before utilizing it. While you may think it’s a great idea to post that picture of 3 year old Timmy on the “big boy potty,” imagine how he’s going to feel when he’s 10 and realizes every single person on your friends list has seen his little Timmy. Not cool, mom. Not cool.

Save some things for the family photo album, and keep it offline.

It’s All About Me!

We get it, it’s your profile. But don’t you ever get tired of talking about yourself all the time?

Think of it this way. You show up at a party and start talking to this really cool person. They seem to have a lot of great ideas, and a great personality, but the conversation always has to be centered on them. When the conversation goes one way, people tend to tune out. (This is where the ‘Unfollow’ and ‘Unfriend’ options come in handy!)

If you want people to actually hear what you have to say, share something that will appeal to them once and while. It doesn’t always have to be about you.

Never Updating

It’s really creepy when you know about everything happening on Facebook, but you never take the time to post. That’s where the phrase “Facebook Creeper” probably originated. Update your profile picture, maybe share a status. Social media is about connecting, you can’t connect if you don’t interact.

Be Honest

What could be more embarrassing than getting caught in a lie online?

I’ll share an example. I once had a co-worker that always tried to make himself seem like a high roller of sorts. That weekend, he went out to a bar where another co-worker of ours happened to be acting as the guest bartender for the night. They talked, she served him, and they parted ways.

That Monday morning, he was going on and on about how he had flown down to Florida for the weekend with his buddies. He had even posted on Facebook about the trip, tagging himself in the warmer destination. Well, the bartender co-worker called him out saying, “Didn’t I see you at the bar on Saturday?”


Remember, honesty is the best policy. Both online and IRL.

Pet Profiles

Stop creating profiles for your pets. Seriously, it makes you look desperate for followers. Besides, we all know your cat doesn’t have thumbs and didn’t take that “selfie.”

Share a few pictures of your pet on your own accounts. I’m sure your friends already think Spike is the cutest puppy ever, why not get the Likes on your own account?

Keep It Friendly

If you don’t want to end up in a social media showdown, avoid posting about controversial topics. We all saw during (and after) this last election, and it never ends well. Think of all the friendships you saw destroyed because they didn’t endorse the same candidate! No matter what your opinion is or was, everyone involved in the argument is angry over something they can’t change. The same goes for much of stupid squabbles you see on Facebook.

The easiest way to stay out of the drama is to simply not talk about it on a very public forum.

Snapchat Filters

These are some of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. I’m not sure why these are so popular or who told you ladies that you look amazing with bug eyes and a flower crown, but you don’t. These filters make you look stupid. So stop. Just stop.

Embrace your own natural beauty. Ditch the filters and show people who you really are; and that’s a person who doesn’t have golden butterflies circling their head all the time.

We won’t make you visit the confessional, but how many of you are guilty of these? Don’t worry there’s a really easy way to stop.

A great rule of thumb is to think before you post. Would you want someone to post this about you? Can this be seen as embarrassing – either to you or someone else? Is it going to cause an internet frenzy? Before you hit ‘Send,’ remember that no matter how private you think your profile is, anyone can see it.

Your profile can be the first impression someone has of you. Do you really want to make a bad one?

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