7 Effective Email Marketing Tips

First thing is, write interesting emails. You need to start sending your subscribers useful and interesting information or they will delete you and maybe even opt-out of your mailing list.

Subject Line: Start with writing an interesting subject line, because no message is effective if your prospect never opens your email. Industry studies say that you have between 5 and 7 seconds to get the readers curious enough to open your email. So basically the subject line will determine if your email gets opened or thrown in the trash. So make sure your subject line is strong and is within 50 characters in order to display fully in most email clients. Be creative and pique your prospects attention with clever action words, offering them something of interest.

Stay Focused: Write a focused story and keep the message on a single topic that you want to communicate. People love to read how a story plays out even if they know it is a promotion. Keep that in mind when trying to get across to your prospects.

Avoid Clutter: Avoid packing your message with different topics. Even if you are sending out a newsletter you want to keep the topics short, clear, and concise.

Clear Action: Inspire an action from your emails. What is the action you want your prospects to take when emailing them? Make sure that the actions you want your readers to take, is clear, clean and easy. Providing a link multiple times in the email is acceptable if done correctly. For instance, at the top and bottom of the email, and when describing the service or product. This will also make it less likely that your prospect will click away without doing something.

Get Personal: Get personal with your email, to maximize the impact. Address your prospects by name, thank them for their time, and try to send targeted emails toward your prospects interests and recent purchases. Make sure to stay professional and friendly when communicating with your prospects.

Offer Something: Offer your prospects enticing information and media. The most enticing information and media are videos, pictures, free reports, free software, free tips and how to articles.

Clean and Simple: Keep your email professional looking and yet still simple. If your email is too cluttered and colorful it might distract your prospect from the message.  Also many email providers don’t accommodate HTML emails. So instead of possibly having your message rendered unreadable from all the colorful graphics and fonts. Try to keep the fancy fonts, colors and multimedia to a minimum. Instead have links to where the prospect can go to your site, blog or social sites where they can see all the multimedia information you want to show them.

Once finished with your emails, you want to figure out how often you want to send your prospects an email without spamming them. I would say anywhere from once a week to once a month.