7 big tech companies with 500+ remote job openings right now

May 16, 2024

7 big tech companies with 500+ remote job openings right now

Looking for a great job in high tech? There’s no place like home. Check out your options at Adobe, Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix, and beyond.

BY Doug Aamoth

Go big or go home? Why not go big and stay home instead?

You can do just that by snapping up one of these 500+ open roles from some of tech’s largest employers.

Here’s a look at some big companies with big positions to fill, along with links to Glassdoor ratings for each.

3M: 38 remote roles

Science giant 3M has a handful of remote openings right now, with the majority in sales and IT, some in engineering, and the rest divvied up between the likes of marketing, HR, legal, and finance.

3M has a 3.8 Glassdoor rating. Notable benefits include multiple health insurance options and generous vacation packages.

Adobe: 48 remote roles

Adobe’s remote roles take a bit of digging to find. Click here to see all roles, then filter the Remote option to “Yes” and choose the U.S. in the Country section.

The bulk of the openings are in sales and engineering at the moment.

The company has a 4.3 rating on Glassdoor. Employees praise the generous time-off policy, including a four-week sabbatical after five years.

Airbnb: 90 remote roles

Home-rental leader Airbnb has 90 openings right now.

Available positions are overwhelmingly in the engineering and data science professions, with some product and finance roles available as well.

7 big tech companies with 500+ remote job openings right now

Airbnb’s Glassdoor rating is 4.3 with a unique benefit being that full-timers get a $500 per quarter credit to spend on Airbnb rentals.

Amazon: 91 remote roles

Help Amazon continue its home-delivery dominance by filling one of its 91 open positions. There are a bunch of engineering and data science roles available, along with several product roles, some service positions, and a handful of other business areas.

Amazon has a 3.7 rating on Glassdoor, with notable benefits including a 10% discount, good health insurance, and flexible time off.

Meta: 109 remote roles

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, oh my—Meta has more than 100 open remote positions at the moment. There are plenty of engineering and data roles, plus a handful in gaming, security, and product.

Meta has a 3.9 rating on Glassdoor, with excellent health benefits and generous maternity and paternity leave: 6 month and 4 months, respectively.

Netflix: 67 remote roles

Streaming stalwart Netflix has 67 remote openings as I write, spanning engineering, gaming, product, data, abd security, with a few roles in its ad unit.

The company has a 4.1 Glassdoor rating, with unlimited parental leave and 35 days off per year as benefit highlights.

Salesforce: 87 remote roles

Cloud-based CRM maker Salesforce has 87 remote positions to fill, many of which are in engineering, customer success, sales, and security.

Salesforce has a rating of 4.1 on Glassdoor, with stellar health care and six months parental leave cited among the best benefits.




Doug Aamoth is a 20-year veteran of the tech industry and has written extensively about trends in Big Tech; innovative, new products; and personal-productivity tips.You can connect with him on Twitter/X and LinkedIn. 

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