7 Apps to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Productivity

August 5, 2015

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Marketing your business on social is not only an effort that requires time, but mobility as well. Mobile usage in general has risen year after year – heck, at the end of 2014 526 million of the 1.39 billion users of Facebook alone were accessing the social media network solely via a mobile device. In terms of social media, this isn’t entirely surprising considering the nature of content most individuals produce on their personal platforms.

In-the-moment, on-the-go; the power of mobile paired with social networking allows “friends” to travel with users in the comfort of their own pocket. One person’s experience becomes an experience for everyone in their virtual circles. But what does this mean for a social media marketer from a business perspective?

To connect with consumers on social, think like your consumers on social. And did we mention “mobile” yet? YES. Not just for consumption, a number of apps exist to aid in the production and activation of your business’ social strategy when on-the-go. The perfect moment for a brand experience can’t always be crafted, your fans won’t stop talking after the office lights go off for the day – don’t miss a single opportunity. Load your mobile device with these 7 apps and take your brand’s social efforts to the next level.

Facebook Pages

You can post, manage scheduled posts, respond to messages, “Like”, comment, check your insights and everything in between with the tap of a finger.


Social media never sleeps and with Hootsuite in your back pocket, fans might think your brand never does either. The app gives access to all of your tabs and streams so you can monitor and respond to chatter across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Dropbox/Google Drive

Regardless of what cloud you store those logos, post graphics, etc., rest assured knowing they’re always accessible even when you have to scramble and draft a graphic on the bus at 7:30am.


Sometimes your fans produce content for you. Show them love on Instagram and easily post an image to your own feed.


Used regularly here in the SMB office, anyone can be a graphic designer thanks to this handy tool. Brand your images and give those social audiences unique pieces they’ll want to share out over and over again.


Sometimes an image alone can’t convey the whole message. Overlay text in a variety of beautiful fonts onto any visual with this app available on iOS and Android.

Google Analytics

The top dogs need data and you’ve got it. Cool, calm and collected. Traffic stats and campaign reports are viewable from an easy-to-understand dashboard on iOS.

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