6 Steps to a Zen Digital Strategy in 2016

by Meaghan McBee January 21, 2016
January 21, 2016

Advancing technology and unsteady organic reach are brewing the perfect storm for innovative digital marketing content. The past few years have seen a boom in creative tactics, including successful strategies like humorous video campaigns and interactive infographics.

These experimental methods won’t disappear anytime soon, so it’s important that brands implement fresh content tactics for their audiences. Take a look at these six simple steps marketers can take when crafting an epic and effective digital strategy in 2016.

1. Post Captivating Videos

Video content has become a staple of many online marketing strategies. A 2014 study by Animoto found that 96% of customers find videos helpful during the buying process, and 76% of smartphone users watch videos weekly on their mobile devices. Any brand or business can create something short and captivating or in-depth and informative to get those coveted shares.


Tapping into human emotion or providing expert-level advice is the best way to achieve success with video marketing. Tell a compelling story of how your business came to be, or create an instructional video about how to use your services. Find what works best for your audience and they’ll keep coming back for more.

2. Add Visual Variety

We eat with our eyes when we sit down to a delicious meal. The same is true in the digital realm, too. Without eye-catching visuals, a brand’s steady stream of content starts to melt into something flat and flavorless.


Mix your marketing strategy up with intriguing photographs, videos, infographics, slideshows, and even gifs. If it fits with your brand, tap into the humorous side of the Internet and incorporate some memes that’ll make your influencers chuckle before hitting that share button.

3. Humanize Your Brand

Finding an engaging online rhythm can be tricky, but very rewarding. As we head further into 2016, one of the most effective things brands can do is humanize their digital content. Add a personalized touch to every piece you post, whether that’s through a unique voice, influencer interaction, or using behind-the-scenes images in articles.

Take advantage of the social side of social media, and participate in real conversations with your audience members. MTV does this well on Twitter, using laid-back language that appeals to their audience of teens and young adults.

4. Budget for Social Ads

One of the best ways to reach new audience members in 2016 is to use social ads in your digital marketing strategy. According to Hootsuite, mobile ad revenue made up for 86% of Twitter advertising revenue in 2015.

With so many consumers on social media channels (like Twitter, which has 320 million active monthly users), targeting an audience through advertisements can be very fruitful for businesses and brands. Don’t forget to tap into Facebook’s 900 million daily visitors too, 700 million of which use the social media platform on their mobile devices.

5. Optimize for Mobile Views


Having a website optimized for mobile viewing is extremely important. In fact, adults spend an average of 2.8 hours per day enjoying media on a mobile device, as opposed to the 2.4 hours they spend enjoying media on desktop computers (KPCB). If your website, app, and videos are not optimized for mobile web, then your businesses is probably missing out on a lot of traffic.

6. Create Interactive Content

In today’s digital market, it pays to be original. Standing out in the crowd of creative content is more important than ever. With the right tools, crafting interactive content for your pages is a great way to drive traffic, increase shares, and give your brand a unique touch.

Everything from quizzes and contests to infographics and eBooks are perfect platforms for interactivity and engagement. Calculators are another great option for interactive content that is both creative and beneficial – a harmonious blend sure to bring the social shares.

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