5 Website Techniques for Stronger Lead Generation

— January 4, 2017

lead generation, website techniques

Even if your business operates offline, having a website to promote your company and run operations is essential to growth. Though, you can’t just have any boring website and think you’re going to bring in leads! While a website should, of course, look professional and be functional, it also needs to have other qualities. Just like you and your team, your website needs to possess certain skills in order to do what it has set out to do.

Apply these techniques to your website for a stronger lead generation strategy:

1. Provide Downloadables

Are you giving your leads enough incentive to come to your website? Providing them with complimentary downloads will keep them coming, and coming back for more. Some examples of “downloadables” include whitepapers, eBooks, podcasts, or software samples.

lead generation, website techniques

2. Make Clear and Compelling CTA Buttons

In order to get a lead to commit, there needs to be plenty of opportunities for them to “opt-in.” Therefore, clear and compelling call-to-action buttons should be located on many different parts of your website. If your current CTA buttons aren’t obvious and aren’t spread throughout the site, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Make your call-to-action phrases persuasive, and make the person feel as though it’s targeted directly at them. Additionally, make sure your CTA buttons are strategically placed and stand out, without being too ‘in your face.’

3. Add a Chatbox with Chatbots

One effective way to bring in leads is by making it easy for them to get to know you. Customers like a company they can trust, while companies like their customers to be people who can develop loyalty to them. One way to do this is by adding a chatbox, in which leads can click on to get in touch with you quickly, easily, and without being too formal.

We know what you’re thinking. It’s not easy for you to be on-call in a chatbox every single time a lead has a question. That’s why incorporating a chatbot to run your chatbox. An automated answering service is the bridge between leads and you, providing them with sufficient information they need to move forward, without digging into your time.

lead generation, video marketing, website techniques

4. Incorporate Videos

If you’ve been following our blog, then you’ll know how important videos will be in the coming year. One of the website techniques for stronger lead generation is adding attractive videos to your site. Remember, people are visual creatures, and providing them with something that will feed that will ensure more leads.

5. Make Sharing Easy

When it comes to making a solid website for your company, we’re all aware of the main things that bring in leads. It’s so important, for example, to have things like content and useful landing pages. But, along with that, there needs to be a way for your current audience to share what you’re doing with others.

Make sharing to social media and email very easy for the visitors to your website. Don’t make it confusing or a hassle for them to click on these sharing icons. A new box should pop up in which they are already logged into their accounts. This will allow them to share what they want from your site in a click of a button, making sure leads come to you without needing to do much at all.

Giving your website a few tweaks to help you bring in leads doesn’t need to be hard. Request a demo with The Mission Suite to learn how we can help you generate leads.

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