5 New Tools That Will Help You Craft Stunning Landing Pages

  • — December 16, 2016

    The need and greed of acquiring new Leads for a Business or Blog is the number one motivator that forces Marketers and Bloggers to dive into the world of Landing pages.

    According to popular belief and as the name suggests, a Landing page is a page on the web where a visitor lands. Since a visitor can land anywhere, it indirectly enforces the fact that all your site’s web pages are also your landing pages.

    Which is not the case as they are different, very different.

    All landing pages are web pages, but not all web pages are landing pages.

    A Landing page is a page which solely exists to obtain visitor’s information through a form. And focuses on only obtaining that information and not anything else.

    That’s why Landing pages boosts conversions. They play on the idea that if the person is willing enough to search and click on the link, he is willing enough to buy the product. And that is made sure by showing precise content, a clear call-to-action, visible form and the benefits pointed out.

    That is how you win the visitor’s trust and, consequently, turn them into leads. And landing pages does a great job at that.
    According to a research, landing pages boosts total conversions by 3–5%.

    Remember that it does not matter if you are looking for customers, subscribers, or social media followers. Landing pages must help the audience take action based on the information they need. Besides, only 5.1% of your audience converts during their first visit, so you should also prioritize optimizing landing pages for would-be subscribers to encourage them to visit your site again.

    Now we come to the real question of How to build effective landing pages?

    Creating great landing pages does not necessarily require extensive coding. For bloggers using content management systems like WordPress, building landing pages may only take a contact form plugin and a good theme.

    However, it is better to use tools that are tailored specifically to help marketers and bloggers build landing pages for their website. Unbounce, for example, works by offering a number of beautiful landing page templates and a drag-and-drop editor for customization and branding.

    Other than Hubspot and other biggies, there are still plenty of other new awesome landing page builders you can use for your lead generation efforts. Here are five of the best new tools the market have seen so far —

    1. Leadpages

    (It’s not new, but I love it)

    They claim to be the #1 Landing Page Builder and is used by the likes of The Huffinton Post, Forbes, Techcrunch, Entrepreneur and more.

    Its drag and drop editor is really responsive and intuitive. It also boasts a variety of really beautiful templates and can be integrated to many 3rd party platforms. Their standard plan starts from $ 25 per month.
    Go check their amazing site and try the awesome tool for yourself.

    2. Landingi

    One of Landingi’s best advantages is its scalability. First off, you can go ahead and test their services using the 30-day free trial, which should be more than enough time for you to figure out everything the tool has to offer. Should you wish to expand your plan, you can use their interactive pricing page to determine how much you should pay for a particular number of visitors. For example, 3,000 leads generated equal $ 59 per month while 1,000 leads will only require $ 29.

    Apart from flexible pricing, you have access to over a hundred professional-looking templates that are already pre-configured for conversions. Of course, you can still use the visual and code editor should you wish to apply more customizations.

    3. Pagewiz

    Landigi and Pagewiz offer the same level of scalability. I like the interface of Pagewiz much more than that of the former.

    Pagewiz also offers a 30 day free trial and their basic plan starts from $ 29 per month. One benefit Pagewiz has it gives you the freedom to A/B test your landing pages as much as you want in the app. Unlimited A/B testing sure will give you a better chance at hitting the sweet spot with your visitors.

    4. Instapage

    Instapage is another popular option being used by site owners for designing landing pages that convert. It offers a vast library of pre-configured templates and a drag-and-drop editor to make the landing page creation process a breeze. It also supports seamless integration with some popular marketing tools for email marketing, social media, and CRM.

    To help you improve your landing pages over time, Instapage comes equipped with A/B testing and tracking features. These tools will help you gauge the effectiveness of individual landing page strategies and layouts. Lastly, unlike other landing page builders, Instapage also offers live chat support to help answer your concerns in the quickest time.

    5. Lander

    Finally, Lander is a premium landing page builder that’s trusted by big brands like Gameloft and Capcom. It currently stands out as one of the most reliable in the page-building space due to their commitment to offering templates that are optimized for high conversions. These templates are built by professional designers and fall under different categories — from e-commerce stores to online portfolios.

    Like what you would expect in a premium tool, Lander has everything you need for your lead generation campaign. It features a drag-and-drop editor for page customization, an A/B testing tool for optimization, and extra features such as form autofill, automated welcome emails, and countdowns.

    The Ball is in your Court

    There’s no denying the fact that Landing pages are important to drive Leads and eventually, sales. And a good Landing page can be the key factor a visitor decides to build a relationship from you and share his personal details.

    Building stunning Landing Pages goes a long way as the customer journey of a visitor is still in an infant state and starts to take shape from that point there on. And you are now a step closer to building your next perfect landing page using one of these 5 awesome tools.

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