5 Keyword Research Ideas For 2015

March 4, 2015

It is no surprise that every business looks forward to acquiring the top position in search engines. It does not matter what tactics or strategies you make use of, it is not easy to get that position. You have to be creative and innovative in your approach. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more play a major role in ensuring your site is noticed. In order to get the best search engine recognition it is wise you are completely dedicated. SEO is ever changing. You have to be updated with the latest SEO updates on a regular basis. When it comes to talking about SEO strategies the major component is keywords research. If you are a novice you are sure to look for keywords that are used by your competitors in order to rank high. Keyword research can be quite a daunting task as you have varied factors to consider. Before moving forward it is wise you know that keyword research mainly comprise of two types:

Long tail keyword research – Suitable for niche based sites
Short tail keyword research – Suitable for sites offering certain services and products

5 Keyword Research Ideas for 2015

If you are looking to boost your web traffic in 2015 it is wise you keep in mind some vital keyword research tips:

1. Develop effective process – It is just impossible to reap the benefits of SEO by any way. It is important that you follow it step by step. This is needed in order to get the best keyword for your site. Before you even consider getting started with the SEO work, identify the keywords for your site. This can be done by knowing what the customers might type while searching for you. Make a complete list and choose among them.

2. No spamming with anchor texts – Google finds it difficult to know what the content on your site is trying to tell if you have anchor texts like “click here”, for both your site and inbound links. Considering this factor ensures the anchor text is keyword rich and targets the potential clients. It is wise you be natural.

3. Thorough analysis – Once you have figured out the keywords for your site, the next step involves thorough analysis. Make use of keyword effectiveness index (KEI) and also keyword difficulty score. This helps you to know how hard it is to rank for a keyword. These effective metrics take into consideration a number of factors.

4. Boost competition – The last step involves finalizing on the keywords. Ensure the keywords are effective and enough to outrank your contenders. Some factors that can be considered are:

Content Ensure your site has quality and keywords rich content.
On page search engine optimization – It is wise you evaluate the on page optimization of your competitors by analyzing the descriptions, content, anchors and more.
Backlinks – Look for the number of backlinks they have. It becomes hard to outrank them if they have more.
Domain – It is wise you look for how long they are in this business, the age of domain and also the popularity in varied social media platforms.

5. Middle suggestions – When you type any query in Google you are put forward with many suggestions. You will notice that Google is actually filling in the blanks with some keyword ideas. Consider those middle keyword suggestions.

The above mentioned five important keyword research for the year 2015 is sure to help your business.

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