5 Ecommerce Tools That Will Make Your Customers Happy

June 20, 2016
Image by StartupStockPhoto at Pixabay

Image by StartupStockPhoto at Pixabay

Running an e-commerce store? It is all about giving a memorable and meaningful experience to your potential customers. This takes more than just overall site design, great content, and ease of navigation. You also need to optimize your customer service to offer the best possible experience.

Keep in mind that 78% of your potential customers will abandon their shopping carts due to poor customer experience. Furthermore, 90% of your clients will not do business with you again if you provide them with a bad experience. This is why your e-commerce enterprise should invest in better customer service if you want your business to prosper and grow over time.

To help you do this, here are five e-commerce tools you can use:

1. Vend


Vend is an all-around point of sale system that can be integrated with in-store sales equipment and digital payment gateways. For e-commerce businesses, it is an easy way to provide a seamless and memorable sales experience from product selection to checkout. With the simple interface, you can easily customize your virtual storefront and add products with one click.

You can also take advantage of the iPad Vend App to build your customer base and deliver a personalized checkout experience to everyone. This will also give your clients access to features such as item favorites, partial payments, and parked sales. Aside from this, Vend also has features like discounts, product search, gift cards and store credits.

2. GetResponse


GetResponse is a complete lead acquisition and management platform. It can help businesses with every aspect of lead management – from building landing pages to scheduling broadcast emails. You can also take advantage of features such as special offers, loyalty programs, and webinars to invite more leads and reward your regular customers. Also, for all these tasks, GetResponse can provide you with a visual, drag-and-drop editor to get things going in the shortest time.

GetResponse also enables you to create autoresponders to help you connect with your audience when they need you. These are action-based messages that automatically send during specific triggers such as signing up for the first time, closing a purchase, or even when celebrating their birthday.

3. Zendesk


Keep in mind that customer experience ultimately revolves around the relationships you build with your leads. Zendesk is a platform that will help you manage these relationships through proactive customer support, self-service, and engagement. It is also scalable to the needs of your e-commerce business whether you need to connect by phone or through a customizable ticketing system.

Zendesk also comes with a complete live chat software to provide assistance to your audience in real-time. This is critical in e-commerce stores that cannot offer face-to-face interaction.

Another advantage of using Zendesk is its integrations with a number of digital platforms. This includes anything from social media management tools like Hootsuite to accounting software like Freshbooks. Your staff can also utilize “Inbox” by Zendesk to manage customer emails and formulate helpful responses as a team.

4. Survey Monkey


One of the best ways to improve customer experience is to show that you are listening. This means investing on the essential optimizations based on customer feedback and insights. Moreover, for this, you can use a survey tool such as SurveyMonkey.

Aside from creating surveys, it also helps you with some of the biggest challenges of obtaining valuable feedback – finding the right audience and making sense of survey results. For the first part, SurveyMonkey Audience can help you reach out to millions of qualified users who can give you insightful feedback. SurveyMonkey Benchmarks, on the other hand, helps you compare your survey results with similar companies. This will help you identify the necessary steps to improve your business processes and keep up with the successful brands in your industry.

5. Retention Grid


In addition to carrying out surveys, you can also use a customer-centred analytics tool like RetentionGrid. One of its biggest advantages over another analytics tool is the advanced segmentation features. With its unique grid view, the tool allows you to identify your most loyal customers, the big spenders, repeat buyers, coupon users, and more.

RetentionGrid also enables you to take action and keep your customer’s segments alive using ad retargeting. This is an ad tactic that targets users who’ve already visited your site, but did not end up in a complete purchase. It also helps you in rolling out improvements based on the measured analytics data. This covers several marketing processes such as copywriting, strategy development, and reporting.


Providing great customer service can be a real challenge for e-commerce businesses that only communicate with their audience digitally. But with the right tools, you can fill the gaps and provide a great experience nonetheless. This is the key to making your customers happy as they open their wallets for your brand.

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