5 Easy Tools For Social Selling Success

November 8, 2015

Social selling is an awesome way to get things done. But, like the early days of anything on social, it’s difficult, messy, and imprecise.

Five top social selling toolsA big reason for this is a lack of organizational tools. Remember trying to manage your brand’s presence on social media pre Hootsuite? It was the stuff of nightmares. You were constantly switching between tabs, hoping that you weren’t missing a valuable comment or brand mention, and every day was broken into hour-long pieces, each of which was punctuated by sitting down and writing a post.

And then, one day, a host of tools were released that made it SO MUCH EASIER.

Social selling needs that day, that one dashboard to rule them all, and, unfortunately, it hasn’t come quite yet (at least that I’m aware of.)

But several incredibly useful tools have popped up that work to focus your efforts, making it easier to identify, engage, and ultimately convert your social prospects.

5 Easy Tools For Social Selling Success

  • Listen To Two Million Channels At Once With Hootesuite’s UberVU: Hootsuite’s UberVU listening tool (or something like it) should be the veritable foundation of any social selling effort. Allowing you to track keywords and conversations across more than twp million channels, UberVU makes it easier than ever to discover important discussions and important customers across the internet. From social to industry publishes, to niche blogs, UberVU helps you pinpoint potential customers and conversations at exactly the right time.

  • Focus Your Prospecting Efforts With InsightPool: If you’re looking for extremely targeted prospecting, look no further than InsightPool. With tools for prospect identification within your social network, customizable lead scoring, and some seriously slick options for staying engaged, InsightPool offers the opportunity to leverage your business’ social community in a big way.

  • Make The Most Of Your Network With CircleBack: You may know CircleBack as an intelligent address book that keeps your professional contacts up-to-date automatically. But, what you may not realize is that CircleBack is also a great way to leverage the connections your sales teams already have. Because CircleBack tracks titles and companies and shares those changes with you, it’s easy to see when contacts move into decision-making roles or switch companies, and when it might be a good time to ding them on social.

  • Grow The Right Relationships With Nudge: Nudge makes keeping in touch with all of your social prospects a breeze. It scans whatever networks you connect it to (LinkedIn, email, Twitter, etc.), and highlights those you have the strongest relationships with and who might be worth a bit more effort. Then, based on their social posting and interactions, Nudge recommends content and conversation topics you can use to build a great relationship and close a sale.

  • Deliver Brand-Appropriate Content With WittyParrot: Because every social sales conversation is different, it’s easy for a brand’s voice/message to get lost in the deluge of articles and collateral different reps are sending out. WittyParrot works to change all that by collating relevant outside articles and useful internal collateral and delivering them directly to your team. In doing so, it gives decision makers the ability to control the consistency of your message and gives your sales team access to the resources they need.

With these five tools in place, you’ll have all your bases covered. With solutions listening across social channels, giving you better insight into existing networks, and facilitating relationship building through communication and outreach, you have everything you need to close deals is an organized, impactful way. Now go sell something!

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