5 Brilliant Giveaway Contest Ideas For Your Blog

Blog giveaway contests are an excellent way to do something positive for your audience while driving engagement and traffic to your blog.

91% of users are actively searching for more interactive content online, and hosting contests on your blog is an excellent way to engage with your readers and drive more traffic. Then, including promotional giveaways as prizes will also help you boost brand awareness, conversions, and sales.

So, in this post, I’ll share 5 brilliant giveaway contest ideas for your blog to drive engagement and traffic to your website:

1. YouTube Video Contest

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest website of all time and sees an impressive 2 billion visitors every month?

YouTube is a market leader when it comes to video marketing and provides an opportunity to connect with your target audience, boost engagement, and conversions. For starters, a study by Aberdeen Group reveals that marketers who use video get 66% more leads per year.

So, running a contest on YouTube will not only give you more likes, comments, and subscribers but can also increase your conversion rate and sales significantly.

For example, you can run a contest where users can upload videos of product testimonials on YouTube to compete with other participants. You can then embed these videos on your blog using a social media feed plugin, like EmbedSocial or SmashBalloon, to get people to leave comments and drive traffic to your blog.

5 Brilliant Giveaway Contest Ideas For Your Blog

I also suggest creating another video where you announce the winner and the giveaway prize. This will give you a perfect opportunity to cross-promote your blog and YouTube channel.

2. Instagram Giveaway Contest

Instagram is all about creating brand awareness through hashtags. Hashtags are used for marketing your image and video content and making it easy to find for users. Clicking on any of these hashtags will display visual content related to that hashtag.

One contest idea is to have participants add a branded hashtag to their social media posts. Think of a branded giveaway hashtag that they need to include in their posts to enter the contest.

For instance, Audi created the hashtag #WantAnR8 when launching their latest model. People who had included the hashtag in their posts were then randomly selected to test drive the car, a fun price for Audi-lovers. At the same time, Audi collected more user-generated content and got customers interested in buying their new model.

5 Brilliant Giveaway Contest Ideas For Your Blog

3. Blog Post Giveaway Contest

A blog post writing contest is another great way to host a giveaway contest and let your readers tap into their creativity.

You could, for instance, have participants write a blog post about a given topic that includes your giveaway and publish it on their site for a chance to win a special prize. This way, they introduce their own readers to your brand and drive more referral traffic to your website.

For example, you can use a WordPress giveaway plugin, like RafflePress, to create your blog post giveaway contest.

5 Brilliant Giveaway Contest Ideas For Your Blog

4. Photo Giveaway Contest

There’s something very appealing about visual entries. A photo contest will encourage your audience’s creativity and inspire them to post enticing photos representing your brand on their social networks.

You can pretty much host the photo contest on any social media, even though Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest may be the better options. Make it simple and encourage participants to snap a photo that features your product or brand and upload it to their social media, and award the best image with a prize.

Next is an example of a photo contest hosted by GetYourGuide, a company that gives people suggestions of activities they can do at different travel destinations worldwide. They asked fans to snap holiday selfies to have the chance to win a travel voucher.

5 Brilliant Giveaway Contest Ideas For Your Blog

In a contest like above, the photos created and shared on all social media networks will help bring more attention to your blog and brand, as well as build social proof.

5. Like or Share to Win Giveaway Contest

Making your giveaway contest super simple to participate in ensures that more people are entering the contest. The classic “like or share to win” online contest is a tried and true way to drive more engagement and get new eyes on your brand.

Best of all, it can be held on just about any social platform, from Facebook to Instagram. For example, you could create a social media or blog post with an explanatory caption, include simple guidelines and an entry deadline.

In this example from Mason Cash, participants are encouraged to like, share, and comment to have the chance to win a mason cash linear bundle.

5 Brilliant Giveaway Contest Ideas For Your Blog

Adding brand-specific hashtags and also include #freebie, #contest, #giveaway, etc., will help to amplify the contest’s reach, too.

Over to You

And there you have 5 brilliant giveaway contest ideas for your blog. Now, try these contest ideas to see which one fits you and your target audience the best. Before you know it, you’ll host a contest that will drive tons of likes, engagement, and traffic to your website.

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