3 Ways to Cross-Sell With Professional Voicemail Greetings

— September 11, 2019

If you’re looking to maximize the investment of your on hold messaging, consider implementing strategies to cross-sell with professional voicemail greetings.

Consider these statistics:
• It costs five times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.
• Forty-four percent of businesses focus marketing efforts on customer acquisition while only 12% focus on customer retention.
• Almost 90% of companies surveyed believe that customer experience is key to driving loyalty and retention.

When you cross-sell, you present multiple solutions for multiple problems that your business solves, increasing the odds that you will make a sale.

For example, when a customer calls a landscaping company for lawn services, he may learn that the company also offers fertilizer application, weed control and tree trimming. Having this information increases the likelihood that he or she will purchase one or more of these services.

While you may cross-sell in your other marketing efforts, when you do so with professional voicemail greetings, you have one more opportunity to communicate this information.

Even better, you’re communicating to a customer who’s already engaged with you on the phone – and likely ready to do business.

Here are three ways to help you implement a cross-selling strategy.

Cross-Sell Professional Voicemail Greetings with New Products and Services

Cross-selling new products and services not only gives your greeting a fresh and relevant approach, but the strategy can offer immediate results.

Pitch your newest product or service and close with the simple phrase, ‘Ask us about …’ Then, track your calls to measure the effectiveness.

Cross-Sell Professional Voicemail Greetings with Sales and Special Promotions

Customers already familiar with your brand will appreciate hearing about your sales and special promotions on your professional voicemail greetings.

And because you’ve got them on the phone, you may be minutes away from a sale.

Cross-Sell Professional Voicemail Greetings with Seasonal Offerings

For many businesses, November and December are high-revenue months. Your customers may not see your email newsletter or social media posts, but while you have them on the phone you can remind them how you can meet their holiday gift giving needs.

It’s also a good time of year to invite callers to contribute to a favorite local charity, building goodwill within your community.

Maximize with Cross-Selling

It’s a well know fact in business that the best customer you have is the one you already have.

When you cross-sell through your professional voicemail greetings, you not only benefit from providing your callers with fresh messaging, you position your company to maximize returns.

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