3 Ways to Create Buzz and Increase Conversions

June 22, 2016

Generating excitement and anticipation for a new product, opt-in, or service can help you increase conversions. And there are a number of ways to build buzz. Any new launch or promotion you’re going to announce is worthy of a buzz-building campaign. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Start a Content Series

3 ways to Create Buzz and Increase ConversionsA content series is a simple and effective way to lead a prospect through their decision-making process. For example, a series titled 7 Tactics to Produce Consistent Content might begin with an introductory piece about the tremendous benefits of consistency in your content creation. Each subsequent post or message might discuss the various ways you can do this gradually leading the reader to an offer for coaching, a book or a worksheet to implement the strategies discussed. Of course, all opt-ins will grow your mailing list. A content series works well for any type of business model and in almost any industry.

Webinars Pre-Launch

Webinars are an effective way to both build your list and market to it. Webinars successfully build buzz because they allow you to provide value and a solution, while at the same time they give you personal contact with your audience. The ability to talk to your audience and connect to them with your voice and your face can be significant.

3 ways to Create Buzz and Increase ConversionsWhen that’s followed up with solid and valuable content and information, conversions come naturally. The buzz happens as you promote your webinar. During the webinar, you capitalize on your time with your prospects and continue to leverage the momentum through follow up messages and communications.

For example, Bob, a marketing coach, is launching a new membership service so he hosts a webinar on how to use social media to take your business to the next level. Bob creates a marketing plan to promote the webinar and encourage signups with content focusing on the benefits of attending the event.

Bob even invites some other coaches to speak at the event or other entrepreneurs who have used social media to grow their business. Attendees then receive an abundance of value as they learn how to grow their business. During the event, Bob can give a special promotional price for the new membership service. It’s an opportunity to build excitement and then to capitalize on it to increase conversions.

eBooks and Reports

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Publishing a book or a special report is a surefire way to build buzz. You have the opportunity to market and create excitement for the launch of the information product. Then, much like a webinar or live event, you can leverage the momentum of the information product to sustain the buzz and turn excited prospects and leads into customers.

This is a great approach for people who offer consulting, coaching, or almost any service. The book or information product talks about the why. For example, why hire a marketing assistant or why use Facebook for your business. You then sell the “what” – the marketing assistant service, the marketing counseling, or the membership site.

Building buzz takes a plan.

Creating content that converts doesn’t just happen. It too requires a careful plan. Identify the goals that you want to achieve. For example, a solid goal might be to increase your opt-in list subscribers by 10 percent. Then create a content plan to make it happen. Start with a new opt-in offer, one that addresses many of the tips and steps discussed. Promote the offer with great content and move forward to convert those new subscribers to customers. With a solid content plan in place and good systems, you can increase your conversions and grow your business.

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