3 Tips to Get More Out of Your Next Facebook Ad

January 26, 2016

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If you use Facebook to promote your business, you know it’s harder than ever to reach your fans with organic Facebook content, based on Facebook’s algorithm that determines what users see in their News Feed.

In fact, it’s estimated that organic Facebook posts reach less than 2 percent of their fans.

Social media may not be free anymore, but you don’t have to invest a lot to get in front of the people you want.

Running a Facebook Ad is a great way to generate awareness and interest by extending your reach to thousands of potential customers for your business. This can help drive more registrants for your events, more sales in-store or online, and more meaningful results from your marketing efforts.

Use these three tips to get the most out of your Facebook Ad:

1. Keep your post short and sweet

Tell your story in 90 characters or less to prevent your message from being cut off on smaller screens. With over 40 percent of Facebook’s users accessing the site solely from a mobile device, it’s important to keep your text clear and concise.

Use the message here to win over new customers. This Facebook Ad from Feat on the Street promotes their 5K and 10K races and tells the audience exactly why they should click on the ad in just 85 characters.

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2. Be strategic with your images

Facebook scans the images you use and it won’t allow images that have more than 20 percent text, so keep text promotions on your images to a minimum. The image in your ad should showcase the products or services you’re talking about.

Just your logo isn’t going to cut it here. Give your audience a look at your product or service in action. Help them picture themselves doing what you’re promoting. This Facebook Ad from Heyday Footwear does just that by using a photo of their shoes at the gym.

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3. Create a compelling call to action

Tell people why they should click on your ad. What’s important about your offer? Is it new? Does it have an expiration date? Tell people why they need to take an action right now.

This Facebook Ad from Magyar Bank states exactly why someone should click on their ad to learn more by offering a free first mortgage payment for people who use their services.

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