20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Social Media

  • — December 17, 2017

    Social media marketing for business is new and not for everyone. It is being implemented by the innovators and the early adopters that love to lead the pack. It is also a very different way of communicating your brands message and with that comes challenges, opportunities20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Social Media and threats.

    There is also the joy of learning new ways of marketing, with that there is often the accompanying pain of mistakes that comes along for the ride.

    So maybe you should not use social media because it is not for you just yet!

    Here are 20 reasons not to use social media

    1. You are a traditionalist and value the “good old days”
    2. You don’t want to be found
    3. You don’t want to be heard
    4. You have shares in the “Yellow Pages”
    5. You like spending thousands on media you can’t measure
    6. You highly value your perceived privacy
    7. You don’t want to hear what your customers are saying
    8. You don’t want any new customers as you are already too busy
    9. You’re afraid people might say nasty things about you
    10. You want to give your competition a head start
    11. It’s a waste of your valuable time
    12. Because its only a fad and it will go away
    13. I like to keep things simple and it’s all a bit complex with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and all that stuff
    14. I am a real person and I don’t believe in those fake online social networks
    15. Social media sites are largely populated with people who have nothing better to do with their time
    16. Social media is at an evolutionary stage I will wait until it is more mature
    17. I don’t want to be overexposed
    18. If I subscribe or join I will be spammed
    19. There is something better around the corner, I can afford to wait
    20. Social media will reduce real face to face opportunities because I would waste my time online

    Are there any other reasons you shouldn’t use social media?

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