13 Feelings All SEOs Will Understand

By  May 27th, 2016


As someone in the digital marketing industry, you know the roller coaster ride that is SEO. Over the past few years, you’ve experienced many ups and downs, witnessed huge changes to the definition of “search engine optimization” and have lived through algorithm update after algorithm update. You understand what it’s like to have your strategies work one day and then be completely thrown out the window the next. It’s a tough life, but you can roll with it!

The following are just a few of the feelings you’ve likely experienced on a daily basis as an SEO:

1. When you try to explain to friends and family what you do:

2. When you post a blog that’s trendy and on topic.

3. When you get a client who has never done SEO before.


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4. When you try to explain how rankings work.

5. When you’re waiting for Google to index a site.

6. When there was a surprise algorithm update over the weekend that you didn’t know about.


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7. When your client’s site makes it through that algorithm update unscathed.


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8. When your client’s site still hasn’t made it to the first page.


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9. When your client’s site does make it to the first page.

10. When you see other SEOs promising 1st page rankings in less than a month.

11. When you stumble across a site using obvious black hat SEO techniques.


Source: metro.us

12. When you get a link from a PR9 site.


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13. When someone asks you to reveal your SEO secrets.

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13 Feelings All SEOs Will Understand

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