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June 2, 2016

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The PPC channel is no longer optional for marketers. Although there was a time when everyone preferred making use of organic search (SEO) to get traffic from search engines, frequent Google updates have made it difficult to rank reliably. Also, if you analyze SERPs, you will often see that for most of the searches there are no more organic results above the fold.

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This shows you the importance of running ads. Even if you are number 1 in the organic search results, you still need to run ads to get maximum impressions on search results. Due to this, PPC management is getting more competitive. You have to stay ahead of your competitors in order to get leads or sales from PPC.

Here is a list of 10 of the best PPC tools to help you save time and better manage your campaigns for amazing results.


Wordstream has some excellent PPC tools to help you better manage your campaigns. It is a paid service, but it is worth paying for. With their tools, you can create, manage, measure and optimize your PPC searches and social campaigns. It’s a cross-platform tool that lets you manage your Google, Bing and Facebook advertising accounts in one easy-to-use place.

You will also receive customized reports and alerts to stay up-to-date on how your account is performing. It gives suggestions to lower cost and reduce cost-per-conversion so you can remove the guesswork and make smarter decisions.

They also have some free tools to grade your AdWords and Bing account performance, as well as landing page performance.

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These tools give you an idea of how things are going with your campaigns along with suggestions on how to improve performance.

Pricing on Wordstream tools depends on your monthly budget,with prices starting at $ 249/month. You can also choose to go for a free trial by filling out this form.


iSpionage is a great tool for PPC competitor analysis. You can simply add your competitors’ websites and see what keywords they are targeting as well as what their ads and landing pages are. It also gives you an estimate of your competitor’s PPC budget.

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If you are going to manage a new account, this tool is very helpful. You can simply use the keywords your competitors are targeting.If a high number of competitors are running ads for the same keywords,it means they are profitable. Review their ads, write better ad copies and optimize your landing pages to get more conversions.

It is a paid tool with packages starting from $ 59/month.They offer a 1-month free trial to new members.

This is one of my favorite tools to use when trying to find out about my competitors’ most profitable keywords, ads, and landing pages.


Pagewiz is a landing page testing tool that lets you build and test your landing pages without IT help. In PPC, everyone wants to save money by increasing conversion rates and spending less. To achieve this, almost every advertiser does A/B testing to see if different changes to landing pages will help them get better results. Pagewiz is a great tool to use in this case. It lets you build your landing page using its amazing drag and drop builder.

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You can take a look at some of the examples of landing pages built with Pagewiz to get an idea of what kind of landing page converts best.

Once you have your new landing page ready, you can do the A/B test through the Pagewiz platform. It will tell you which version performs better and will help you optimize conversion rates for effective budget spending.

The starting price of this tool is $ 29/month with a 30-day free trial.


Tenscores is a tool that helps you improve your quality scores. Since the quality score is an important factor in the price you pay in an ad auction, improving the quality score helps you pay less per click.

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This tool gives you recommendations on how you can improve your quality score. It also tells you how much money you are wasting because of keywords that result in poor quality scores, as well as how much you are saving on high-quality score keywords.

It lets you keep track of how much you have improved your quality score and shows you the impact it has on other metrics.

The starting price of this tool is $ 25/month.You can also get a full refund if you don’t like it within the first 30 days.


Optmyzr is a tool that helps you manage your PPC campaigns more effectively. They have a ton of tools and they are all awesome. They won the US Search Awards in 2015 for having the Best PPC Management Software.

Their main tool, One Click Optimization, lets you automate the process of optimizing your ads, which is usually repetitive and time-consuming. You can apply the best optimization practices in just a single click.You can also do A/B testing for ads, create well-structured shopping campaigns and manage them easily, and keep track of your quality scores at campaign, ad group and keyword levels. It also offers data insight and reporting tools to help you make attractive visual reports. It has a Scripts Library, which has a variety of useful scripts you can use to automate different tasks in AdWords.

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It is a bit expensive with a starting price of $ 116 per month.You can get 14 days free trial without the need to give out credit card information.


ClickSweeper is a great piece of PPC marketing software. This is best for clients and business that focus on getting the best possible ROI from their campaigns. If you are facing a challenge in bringing down the cost-per-lead then this is the recommended tool for you. ClickSweeper’s smart bidding feature lets you define a bid strategy based on different goals like ROI, Rank, and Conversions.

Its powerful algorithm automatically optimizes your bids based on your defined goal and tries to give you the best possible result.

Their tools also have other features such as keyword bid management across different ad networks, the ability to manage multiple accounts, automated keyword optimization, and ad copy evaluation, and on-demand performance trends and alerts.

It is a full PPC management software that lets you automate your campaigns with amazing management reports that help advertisers monitor performance.

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They also have a great video to explain how it works. Their pricing model is based on the number of keywords you are targeting and starts from $ 75/month with a free trial for 14 days.


AdRoll is a well-known retargeting tool that lets you do remarketing in a better way. Through AdRoll, you can remarket on Web, Mobile, Facebook and Twitter all from one single place.

You can also do dynamic remarketing on Facebook and the web. It also has an option to import your prospects emails and show them ads across the web.

Setting up campaigns on AdRoll is easy. You just need to install their SmartPixel on your site. The pixel cookies your visitors allowing you to create a remarketing list and use them as targeting in your campaigns.

The good thing with AdRoll is it doesn’t just target Facebook and Google Display Network. It also targets over 500 different ad exchange networks so you get more chance to reach your audience through retargeting.

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PPC BidMax

PPC BidMax is another amazing bid management tool. It helps you manage your bids across different campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo from one single platform. There are multiple reasons why you should be using this:

  • It helps you automate your campaign and keyword bidding.
  • It helps you reach an optimal average position by reducing the CPC needed to obtain maximum clicks and conversions.
  • It allows you manage Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Bing Ads all from one single platform.
  • It lets you create or import ad campaigns between Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • It also lets you see the keyword bidding history in an easy way.
  • You can create customized branded reports for multiple accounts with just one click.

There are other features as well; you can see them below.

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Their monthly standard package starts from $ 60/month and they also offer a 30-day free trial.


AdNabu is best known for its auto-pause campaign feature. It offers powerful optimizations for Google AdWords accounts so you can get more profit and save time.

It helps you create best campaign structure for your campaigns with powerful optimizations to get maximum profit.

Below is the full list of AdNabu features:

  • Campaign Creation- Create the best-structured campaign in an easy way.
  • Bid Optimization – Get bidding suggestions based on your goals.
  • Search Term Analysis – Analyze your search terms and create new campaigns and ad groups.
  • Ad Creation – Create hundreds or thousands of ads in a minute using ad templates.
  • Automated Reports – Get automated reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Audit Report – Use its powerful algorithm to monitor your account and quickly find mistakes and ways to improve performance.
  • Auto Pause Campaigns – This feature automatically pauses your campaigns when the website goes down and will enable them again once it starts working.

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This tool cost $ 69/month. They also offer a free trial and the good thing is it doesn’t require any credit card information.

PPC Samurai

PPC Samurai is a great tool that lets you automate your AdWords account using its easy-to-use software. It will allow you to take advantage of the AdWords scripts feature without any coding knowledge. You can define the process you want to automate using its visual flowchart and it only takes minutes to automate your campaigns. It’s an ultimate solution for those who prefer to use AdWords scripts.
PPC Samurai also offers other features:

  • Ad Testing – Test your ads across different ad groups and campaigns and measure the results in an easy way.
  • Automated Reports – Use templates of different customizable visual reports and send them to the client right from the dashboard. You can also create your own template using its drag and drop report builder.
  • Search Term Analysis – Filter and take action on the search terms. It’s an excellent tool to find negative keywords.

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They offer 60 days free trial and it costs $ 165/month for a limit of 10 AdWords accounts.

These are all great tools to help to improve PPC campaign performance; however, I would like to be very clear here, you cannot rely on tools alone. You still need to monitor performance closely and ensure any testing results in improved performance. Even the smallest tweak in the automation process can easily cause a disastrous downturn in performance.

Let us know what your favorite PPC management tools are by adding a comment below.

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