10 PR Do’s and Don’ts for Start Ups

  • December 17, 2014

    Running a successful company or new start up business requires more than the ability to deliver high-quality services and products to potential customers. Understanding the do’s and don’ts when it comes to PR and marketing for a Startup is a key factor in determining the level of success you experience online. Understanding some of the top do’s and don’ts of marketing, PR and social media is a way for you to ensure your business stays afloat and is capable of outshining other companies and startups within your industry and line of work.

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    Do Assess Your Audience and Demographic

    Any time you want to create a new start up it is essential to assess the audience and demographic you want to ideally reach. Knowing the age range, gender and location of potential visitors and customers helps you to customize any future campaigns you implement within your marketing strategies.

    Do Put Social Media to Use

    Putting social media to use with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allows you to connect with hundreds and thousands of users simultaneously.

    Do Reach Out and Connect With Other Webmasters and Bloggers

    Reach out and connect with other webmasters and bloggers to help increase the visibility of your website and brand.

    Do Update Consistently

    Updating consistently is a way to remain in the newsfeeds of your online followers and potential customers. Sharing new content each week is a way to remain relevant in the digital world.

    Do Use a Genuine Voice to Reach Your Audience

    Always be sure to use a genuine voice to reach your audience, straying from sounding “too corporate” to those interested in your brand or start up.

    Don’t Share Irrelevant Information

    Avoid sharing irrelevant information and links to users, as this can quickly lead to losing fans and followers.

    Don’t Spam Your Audience of Readers and Customers

    Never spam your readers and customers with links multiple times each day. The more you spam your users, the quicker you are likely to lose a following.

    Don’t Become Defensive Over Negative Comments or Reviews

    Any time you receive a negative comment or review, be sure to avoid becoming defensive. Instead, guide potential customers to solutions for a better reputation.

    Don’t Spam Links on Blogs or Websites

    Avoid spamming your links on blogs or websites repeatedly, especially on unrelated content. Too much spamming of your URL can lead to becoming blacklisted on sites such as Google.

    Don’t Ignore Customer Service

    Keep in mind that customer service is important. Do not ignore questions and inquiries as this helps to boost credibility while building a professional reputation online.

    Taking the time to review the do’s and don’ts of PR and marketing for a startup company is not only a way for you to build the right campaigns, but it is also a way to boost online credibility and visibility in any industry or field. Whether you are promoting an existing company or if you are looking to launch a business from the ground up, implementing a few do’s for your next marketing campaign can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success in reaching new potential customers or online visitors.

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