Your FAQ Page is an SEO Gold Mine

— March 5, 2019

Your FAQ Page is an SEO Gold Mine

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When it comes to creating a great website page, utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices can be a difference maker.

But one often overlooked page for SEO is your Frequently Asked Questions page, where readers often go to have their simple questions addressed.

However, by integrating targeted keywords and incorporating quality internal and outbound links, you can see great results on an often-forgotten page. Working on your FAQ page can help you separate your website from your competitors, who are looking to outflank you in reaching consumers.

Here are a few things you should know about how your FAQ page is a gold mine for SEO.

You Shouldn’t Overlook Your FAQ’s Utility

The FAQ page is ironically one of the most standards but overlooked pages on your website. For readers, the FAQ page is great one-stop-shop for quick answers to common questions.

But for businesses, particularly those looking to incorporate SEO, other areas on the website like the landing page are given far more attention. But the same rules that apply on your landing page can help your FAQ page, helping you establish a strong linking structure and keyword use.

Once you acknowledge that your FAQ page is a worthwhile area for you to improve SEO, you can actually find new opportunities to connect with consumers and rank your website higher.

FAQs Let You Play with Keywords in a Different Format

Unlike landing pages, which benefit from a narrative format centered on Header 2 tags, the format of an FAQ page allows you to tinker with new SEO strategies to help you rank.

Because the content of an FAQ page covers so many topics, you can work to incorporate a large number of targeted keywords organically. That freedom is great for digital marketers who are looking to find new SEO strategies that help websites stand out.

By targeting the FAQ page, you may find new SEO tricks that will put you a step above your competitors in reaching consumers. While FAQ pages typically do not garner many backlinks, you can work within the confines of your page on outbound links to quality sources.

If you focus on using your FAQ as a resource rather than a burden, you can realize all new SEO efficiencies.

Your FAQ Page May Need Just a Few Tweaks

Because FAQ pages are routinely overlooked, it’s possible that your page already ranks highly for some keywords.

If research shows that your FAQ page is ranking highly for specific keywords, it may actually benefit your website as a whole to build internal links to and from that page.

In addition, solid keyword performance means that only a few tweaks are needed to help you index your FAQ and rank your website higher on the whole.

When looking at your FAQ, keep in mind its current performance and always be on the lookout for new SEO strategies to make your page even more competitive.

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