Why Hiring Remote Developers Makes All The More Sense in 2021?

As I’m writing this, it’s about to be a year to the time when Covid ceased the entire world with fear and agony, and not just physical and emotional, but financial even. So many businesses had to downscale, a large number of which even had to shut down.

Look at Uber, which fired 3,700 employees on a Zoom call, or Airbnb, which laid off 1,900 of its employees globally, which makes up 25% of its total workforce. The employees who survived the crisis had to work from home, and that’s becoming the new way forward.

The software development sector is one of the rare spaces that are able to sustain, even thrive during this period. The work from home trope has gotten so big that developers have started setting up their home workspace in a way that maximizes their productivity.

Everything is evolving whether we like it or not, the question is, are you catching up? Let’s look at why you should consider it now more than ever before.

Why Hire Remote Developers in 2021?

A study by Upwork suggests that 73 percent of all departments will have remote workers by 2028, which was conducted when Covid wasn’t even a thing, imagine how likely it is now.

But there are more compelling reasons why you should hire remote developers right away. Let’s have a look at some of them:-

The Upcoming Generation Needs it

84% of millennials say that they have experienced burnout at their current workplace, as opposed to 77% of all respondents. Now I don’t want to get into the reasoning but chronic stress, depression, and anxiety are issues that are more and more prevalent in the upcoming generation, who are supposed to be the VPs and Managers of organizations.

The work pressure and the environment they’re working in aren’t usually the most comfortable space to operate in. The time constraints, having to show up all dressed up, and having to deal with all the nagging around yourself invites a lot of pressure.

With the arrival of COVID-19 and mandatory work from the home allotment, these professionals now have the ability to work in a space most comfortable to them. No matter how remote, as long as they have the internet and the laptop, they’re good to go. And that’s what they want too.

Boosts Productivity

A study was conducted by Stanford that followed the performance of 16,000 employees over the course of 7 months. It was found that working from home increased the productivity of those employees by 13%. Not only that, but they were putting in more minutes.

Now, it may seem counterintuitive but think about it, if you remove those mental constraints that we talked about in the above point, wouldn’t they be able to work in a lot more flow? The things that would normally be distracting in an office would cease to exist.

Besides, the ability to take breaks, lie down, and relax at times, knowing no one’s monitoring you, is wildly underrated. This is something these employees can’t do in a physical working environment. And since time is of the essence, it wouldn’t be wasted in traveling either.

Developers Have Options

Like we discussed earlier, the industry that’s immune to most of the crises is the Tech Industry. Whether we folks like it or not, more and more companies are adopting remote work as the new norm, which means developers have more companies to choose from.

Since you want to be hiring employees that are willing to stay in your company for a long period of time, giving them remote work seems to be one of the most effective ways since it lowers your employee turnover rate.

This is because humans, let alone developers, value convenience over everything else, and so much so that they’re willing to take that as one of the parameters to decide whether they want to work in the company or not.

Round the Clock Development

Mobile or Web App Development is something that your developer can do any time of the day, and as long as they keep delivering the work on time, it doesn’t matter during what time they’re working in.

As long as you get your work delivered on time, it doesn’t matter what time zone they’re in, which is a huge advantage to those developers as they can work whatever time they feel like and only have to show up when the project manager has to bridge communication between the developer and the client.

Besides, the ways to develop an app in the pandemic era have evolved, and when the whole world is already accustomed to hire remote developers and the productivity is promising, going back to the physical workplace system seems unnecessary.

Cost-Effective While Having Tons of Options

When you go remote, you go global, and that not only opens up a massive talent pool but also gives you opportunities to delegate the development process to individuals and organizations anywhere in the entire world.

If you need one reason to hire a remote developer, this is it. There are outrageously talented developers in countries like India, Indonesia, China, even in European countries like Ukraine and Poland where you’ll get talented developers to choose from at competitive prices.

Forget cost, if you want to hire remote developers from Germany or Canada, home to some of the best developers in the world, go for them without having to have them physically in your office.

Wrapping Up

The above were a few of the many reasons why you should hire remote developers in 2021. If you’ve made it to the bottom of this blog, here’s a bonus takeaway for you – If you go 100% remote with your employees, meaning if your entire staff is working virtually, you can take advantage of not having any infrastructure costs.

This means that you do not have to provide systems, no work stations, no rent, no miscellaneous expenses like food, water, electricity, etc. Whether cost minimization is your priority or not, you’ll inevitably achieve it.

As far as monitoring your employees is concerned, using tools like ActivTrak, Desktime Pro, Hubstaff, and Workplus will help you achieve that. And tools like slack and JIRA will help you get progress updates on your project. On that note, here’s an end-to-end management guide – A Manager’s Toolkit to Increase Productivity of Remote Teams.

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