Which Type of Sales Presenter Are You?

August 20, 2016


There’s no one-size fits all approach to presentations, and no one knows that better than a salesperson or wholesale distributor. Everybody has their own unique style of presenting to clients, but the majority will fall under one of these types of sales presenters:

The Storyteller

Storytellers can turn any kind of presentation into an engaging story, capturing the attention of everyone in the room. Even the dullest presentation can come to life with the help of a storyteller, so this is a valuable type of presenter to have on your team. These presenters appeal to the audience’s emotions, so everyone who is watching the presentation walks away feeling some sort of connection to the presenter. In sales, a storyteller could pitch a product by showing clients how much better their lives would be after making the purchase instead of focusing on the data.

The Free Form

Do you tend to go into a sales meeting without notes or a planned presentation? If so, you are a fan of the free-form presentation. These presenters don’t rely on slides or handouts when they give their pitches. Instead, they have their audience focus solely on their words, which are often not planned out in great detail. Free-form presenters tend to create a bullet list of points they want to cover during the meeting, but then improvise once they get into the room. The success of this type of presentation depends heavily on the presenter. Sometimes, free-formers can come off as incredibly confident, but if the presenter does not adequately prepare, the presentation can be sloppy and unprofessional.

The Instructor

If you approach a sales pitch like a lesson in the classroom, you may be an instructor presenter. These presenters create PowerPoints or handouts with tons of content and information for the audience to review. They explain each concept in great detail and support each claim that they make with proof. Although this can be effective for some clients, others may be bored by the approach. Make sure you balance the vast amount of content you have with interesting visuals to keep everyone engaged with your presentation.

The Closer

Whereas most sales presenters focus on the features, benefits and data of a product or service, the closer rushes through all of this to get straight to the point: do you want to buy or not? Clients who are already sold on your product may not mind that you skip over a lot of the information, but if a client is unfamiliar with what you have to offer, they need to hear everything, not just the close. Make sure you use this approach wisely so you don’t lose a sale.

The Data Analyst

Some presenters tend to focus heavily on the number side of things. Although this is a great way to show clients potential profits, you still need to discuss the features and benefits of a product in order to guarantee a sale. Data analyst presenters should work on finding a healthy balance between quantitative and qualitative.

Which type of sales presenter do you think is most effective? What about least effective? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Author: Joel Goldstein