What Game of Thrones Taught Us About Online Payments

July 2, 2016


If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll definitely understand the importance of having a strategy to survive in this brutal world. OK, maybe today there is no such brutality as in Westeros, but you should know how to find your place and determine your business’s market position.

We strongly believe that there are hidden pieces of information about online payments in Game of Thrones TV series. E-payments are our priority, and we know about it at least as much as Arya Stark knows about fighting with her Needle. That’s still better than Jon Snow – he knows nothing. So, brace yourselves, a brand new approach to online payments is coming!

SPOILER ALERT! Turn back now if you haven’t watched all episodes yet.


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As well as you need to watch the Game Of Thrones (everyone is telling you this all the time, right?), you need to pay attention to online payments on your website. What are the key lessons from the GoT?

Small doesn’t mean weak

Tyrion Lannister is a dwarf, and he is always treated worse, because of his appearance. He was even accused of poisoning Joffrey (and we know he didn’t do it), but we had the opportunity of seeing that he is not just a weak, wine-loving dwarf. He’s on the ball and builds his position by his intelligence and cleverness. He’s one of the most powerful men in the GoT.

And what about Arya? As a lady, she should stay away from swords, but she is stronger than anyone thought. She’s doing great with fighting her enemies (much bigger and stronger than her), because of her determination. She always gets the opportunity to polish her fighting skills. Also, Daenerys is a great example that anyone can rise to the top. Of course, she has her dragons, but at first, she was a humble orphan with her unstable brother, but she knew how to turn her tragedies into opportunities.

So, maybe sometimes it’s better to give a chance the provider which is not the biggest one, but meets your needs better?

Be careful who you trust

It’s not easy to see the future in the fire (such as Melisandre). Therefore, making rational and realistic plans and choices are important for your business. Don’t forget to diversify your risk.

Some decisions of the characters in Game of Thrones were too emotional or were driven by a desire for revenge, and almost every time, things didn’t go well. When you think about payments – use your head, not your heart. There’s no space for emotional decisions here. Trusting the wrong providers can cost you your life. I mean sales.

Let’s take a look at Cersei Lannister – she is smart and beautiful, but behind her appearance, she’s hiding her dark soul. She is power hungry and doesn’t care about others, but her family and her business. Be careful when you choose the payment solution and look for the one with excellent customer support which cares about your business growth.

Moreover, choose the payment gateway with anti-fraud tools and with PCI level 1. Also, keep in mind that the cheapest is not the same as the best, and check the provider carefully. You need to look out for early warning signs to get your business in a better shape.

Also, black magic, which comes today as chargebacks… Yes, that’s the thing you have to avoid.

Just be sure what’s behind

You need to be sure what’s behind when you’re making the decision about payment solution for your website. So, choose the provider that knows what transparency is and doesn’t hide anything.

Have your best interests in mind and find the payment gateway you can trust. Make sure that there are no hidden or extra fees and that it provides the highest security level for you and your customers.


When you choose the payment gateway, find the one that is more like a Jon Snow, and less like a Joffrey.

Before the Battle of the Bastards, Sansa should have told Jon that Littlefinger might be coming to help, so he would have the chance to change the strategy that could have saved a lot of lives (and a Rickon). But she didn’t.

What we don’t know is what usually gets us killed!

And now, think about the Red Priestess, Melisandre. Did you know how one of the hottest women really looks like without her necklace? Yeah, that part. There were some hints about that in season two, but did you watch it closely?

melisandre without necklace

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Speak the local language

Daenerys Targaryen is an excellent example of how learning the local language can help you improve your situation (oh, okay, she also had three dragons). It is especially useful for your business when you run your online store globally. So, get the chance and choose the payment gateway with checkout translated into many languages to provide customers a truly local experience.

Speaking of Daenerys, the mother of dragons…

… the dragons exist

OK, maybe not the dragons as we know from the GoT, but basically, there’s something worse and more dangerous, and it’s called F-R-A-U-D. So, don’t wake the dragons and find the payment provider with highly effective anti-fraud tools, which lets you confront the fraud like Brienne protects Sansa.

Things might not be as dire as they seem, but be aware of fraud (unless you are a Daenerys). But still, you need the payment gateway which saves you like Hodor was protecting Bran (deep breath, try not to cry).

Learn from your mistakes

Finally: Jaime Lannister. He is a great example that it’s never too late to learn from your mistakes and experiences. He pushed Bran Stark out a window in cold blood, but he changes after being a prisoner of the Starks, where he was tortured.

You don’t need a torture (but extra fees or frauds are close enough) to change the payment provider when everything does not go well. So, learn from your experience and choose the next provider carefully.

When you play a game of thrones, you win, or you die. But, when you have a strong plan and choose your online payment provider carefully, you’re going to be in a winning position, and there are the chances that you’ll be soooo satisfied, as you were when you saw this:

Poidoned Joffrey Game of Thrones

Source: The Dose Makes The Poison Blog

or this:

Battle of the Bastards Game of Thrones

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