What Content Can Hike Your Website Ranking?

What Content Can Hike Your Website Ranking?


Search engine optimization is the biggest mystery in the current time. Marketers are trying different strategies to rank their websites on search engines, specifically Google.

According to Google, as a website owner, all you need is to focus on your website’s performance and on-page analysis. In order to optimize your website for on-page, it requires several contents so that Google bots can read it and rank your website on respective search queries.

Let’s look at the most commonly used content and their SEO practices which can help your website in ranking. Generally, written content, images and videos are used on websites. I will be discussing how you can optimize these three types of content to rank your website.

Textual Content And Best Practices

What Content Can Hike Your Website Ranking?

We see a lot of written content on the website, and that’s the most important one. It is needed so that Google can save your data in its database and show the results when a relevant query is typed on the search engine. In order to optimize your text for SEO, make sure to follow these practices.

Nature Of Content

It is very important that your content should be according to your website’s niche. Make sure that the content you are uploading on your website adds value to your readers and your target audience.

More importantly, content that answers users’ queries has more potential to rank. Do not just try to give information about something. Make sure to use proper headings, subheadings, structure so that it could be easy for the bot to analyze your content and rank for each query.

Length Of Content

The longer that content, the more chances to rank on SERPs. That’s totally a myth. A content of around 1200-2000 words is enough depending upon what it is about. If you think that your topic requires more than 2000 words to be covered properly, then you can prolong it. And if it can be covered well in 800 words, that is fine too.

Keyword Optimization

This is the most important step for optimizing your written content. Use your focused keyword smartly in the content. It should appear in the first paragraph as Google likes content that directly adds value to the topic from the very first sentence. Further, add the keyword in the last paragraph, and spread it equally in the middle. Add focus keywords in the subheadings as well.

LSI Keywords

You should also utilize supporting keywords that revolve around your focus keywords. Use them in between paragraphs and some subheadings as well.

Internal Linking

Connect all your website pages with each other through internal linking for better indexing.

Keyword Density

Here is the formula to calculate the keyword density.

What Content Can Hike Your Website Ranking?

According to Mark Luke, Digital Marketing head at Dissertation Assistance UK, “Keyword density of your focused keyword should be around 1.2 to 15 percent. Similarly, add supporting keywords 2 to 3 times in a 1000 words content. Make sure that the density of all other keywords is below the density of focus keywords.”

Images And Ways To Optimize It For Ranking

Images add value to your website page and increase user experience. It is also counted as an SEO factor. Google not only shows good images on its images search but also ranks them in general search queries.

What Content Can Hike Your Website Ranking?

Below practices can help you rank an image and optimize that particular page for search engines.

ALT Tags

What Content Can Hike Your Website Ranking?

ALT tags are important for images. It gives an idea to Google bot what this image is about. It is important to use your focused keyword or at least LSI keyword in the ALT tag so that search engines can show it on relevant search queries.

Image Size

Do not use images that are larger in size. Try to reduce the size before uploading it to the website. Large images or full-screen backgrounds should not be more than 1 MB.


Make sure that the image that is uploaded has a resolution of 72dpi. Moreover, do not upload images wider than 1024 pixels. A perfect header image for the page is 1024 pixels wide.

Image Type

Some owners and marketers upload JPG or PNG images on the website. It is not good when it comes to SEO. For search engines to recognize your image, it is important that it should be uploaded in webp format.

Image URL

Make sure to add a suitable URL to your image. Your URL should contain a suitable keyword from your website page.

Video Content And How To Rank With It

Videos have become the most interactive and engaging content by the times. This is the content type with which people spend most of their time using the internet. In order to make your website attractive, you can add videos to it. Either you can upload it, or you can also integrate a video from a suitable video channel.


The most important thing that matters when uploading a video is its thumbnail. Set a suitable thumbnail to your video that is enticing so that viewers have no other options to click it.

Video Description

This is specifically for bots nowadays. Try adding proper descriptions on your video so that bots can find an alternative to have an idea of what this video is about.

Keyword Utilization

Use proper keywords (for which you want to rank) in your video descriptions. Add LSI keywords and do not prolong it too much.

Some More Tips To Rank Your Website…

In order to rank your website or a page, you may also need to follow some more tips.

  • Have a suitable URL for your page that includes your focus keyword.
  • Make sure that the website design is user friendly and all the content is clear to the users.
  • Add a suitable title of around 45 to 55 characters to your page that should contain the focus keyword in the beginning. You can also add your brand name here.
  • Do not forget to add a 145 to 155 character meta description. It should contain your focus keyword. You can also add a supporting keyword here.
  • Conduct thorough keyword research before making a page. Make sure that keyword difficulty is low and search volume is high in the targeted region.
  • Leverage suggestions from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Check your website’s page on PageSpeed Insights and analyze your performance.

I hope that with these suggestions and tips, you will be able to rank your website on search engines.

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What Content Can Hike Your Website Ranking?

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