Top 5 Custom Registration Plugins for WordPress

— May 3, 2017

If you’re registering users on your WordPress site, you definitely need custom registration plugins that will take you closer to this goal. More precisely, you need a WordPress registration plugin that makes the entire process efficient for you and your users.

We would hate to see you run about looking for the perfect custom registration plugin that makes accepting, tracking and managing users on your site easier. This is precisely why we looked hard for the best custom registration plugins in the market.

The custom registration plugin you ultimately choose depends on your preferences, sure. However, we would love to help you make the right choice and get the most bang out of your buck. If you have a custom registration plugin in mind, please don’t hesitate sharing in the comments to keep this list growing.

That out of the way, let’s get this done and over with. Deal? Awesome.

Registration Magic

custom registration plugins for WordPress registration magic

My personal favorite, Registration Magic takes user registration and management on your WordPress site to a whole new level. Brought to you by the great guys over at and, Registration Magic is the choice custom registration plugin for tens of thousands of websites out there.

But why is this so? For starters, the plugin ships with over 80 awesome features including (but not limited to):

  • An intuitive form builder that allows you to create unlimited forms for all kinds of scenarios
  • HTML embed code so you can use your forms on other sites, not just WordPress sites
  • Custom registration URLs
  • Multiple display, styling and layout options so you can customize and display your forms just the way you desire
  • Form attachments so users can upload images, documents and other files
  • Form expiry countdowns should you have a time-sensitive offer
  • Google reCaptcha support so you can keep spam out
  • Auto generated passwords
  • Ability to send username and password to users via email
  • Mobile friendly, responsive and SEO-optimized design
  • Integration with social media networks, WooCommerce, DropBox, Google Maps API, MailChimp and PayPal among others

Truly speaking, and I am not sugarcoating anything here, this is the only custom registration plugin you will ever need. Other notable features include a million and one custom fields, over 900 Google icons, custom CSS, ability to export form submissions, analytics and I could go on for an eternity.

According to, the plugin is regularly updated, has 7k+ active installs, and an incredible user rating of 4.3/5.0. Registration Magic has a premium version, which ships with some of the features mentioned here and then some.

The premium version sells like hotcakes at just $ 89 bucks and ships with 80 features found in the free version and an additional 38 extensions. That’s over 120 awesome features to revolutionize user registration on your WordPress site! That’s not all, the team behind Registration Magic is famous for their world-class support. One satisfied user said:

Excellent support received by the team: they fixed the web page and re-wrote the code for us, simply amazing. Thanks guys. – Serendipitysail

Ultimate Member

custom registration plugins for WordPress Ultimate Member

Second on our list of custom registration plugins for WordPress is Ultimate Member, a one of a kind registration plugin that (in the exact words of the developer) “…makes it a breeze for users to sign-up and become members…” on your WordPress site.

But developers will say whatever to sell their wares, so let us look at the numbers and the reviews. Ultimate Member powers over 50,000 WordPress sites according to It has a great user rating of 4.6/5.0 and users are saying great things such as:

I really like this plugin. I tried out about five similar plugins for my project, and Ultimate Member came out tops. The most outstanding feature for me is its flexibility. You can use it for both a paid platform and a free one. – Lillysweetz

How about the features? Ultimate Member comes with some nifty features such as:

  • Custom form fields with conditional logic
  • Front-end user registration and profiles
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • User account pages
  • Custom email templates
  • Conditional user menus
  • A suite of paid extensions such as Instagram, WooCommerce, public wall posts, user activity streams, MailChimp, social login, bbPress and more
  • Mobile and SEO ready design
  • Google reCaptcha
  • And much more

Final verdict, Ultimate Member is your registration plugin if you’re looking for more functionality than just user registrations. Ultimate Member premium costs $ 199.

Profile Builder

custom registration plugins for WordPress Profile Builder

If you hate feature bloat that’s characteristic of most custom registration plugins or are in the market looking for a lightweight user registration plugin that does exactly what you need done, we introduce you to Profile Builder by CozmosLabs, ReflectionMedia and 5 other developers.

The plugin enhances user registration on your site by adding custom functionality for users. Using shortcodes, users can easily register on your site and modify their profiles. As an administrator, you can add or customize custom user fields, set password strength, send email confirmations automatically and so on.

Profile Builder is incredibly simple to use because – shortcodes. With a few clicks, you grant users front-end access to their profiles, display user login forms wherever, and provide logout and password recovery functionalities among other things.

The plugin comes with a premium version that carries most of the best features including extra user fields, avatars, WooCommerce, MailPoet, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp support, custom redirects, support for conditional fields, reCAPTCHA and 1 year of updates and priority support among others.

Profile Builder has over 40k active installs and an impeccable rating of 4.6/5.0. The Pro version costs between $ 69 and $ 149 bucks a year. You get 40% off every year you auto renew.

Cimy User Extra Fields

custom registration plugins for WordPress Cimy User Extra Fields

Did you know WordPress powers over 26% of the internet? This means there are millions of WordPress websites out there. In other words, the competition is stiff. So how do you ensure your website stands out from the horde as far as user registration goes?

While most WordPress admins will user the default user registration form that has two fields, you can do better with a custom registration plugin such as Cimy User Extra Fields. From this title, you can almost guess what this plugin does.

Unlike most custom registration plugins, Cimy focuses entirely on the user’s point of entry; your registration forms. By adding more fields to your user registration forms, you can collect more information and learn more about your users.

This plugin ships with extra fields including text, text area, rich text area, checkbox, radio, file attachment, avatar, picture, picture URL, drop-down and registration date among other things. Further, you can enable WordPress hidden fields such as website, nickname, bio and much more on your registration forms.

The plugin has an average rating of 3.2/5.0 and over 20k active installs. We could not find a premium version.

Caldera Forms

custom registration plugins for WordPress Caldera Forms

Last but not least is Caldera Forms, a robust form building plugin that offers more features than you’ll ever need. Still, this bad boy cannot rival Registration Magic as far handling user registrations go. All the same, Caldera Forms is a top contender among custom registration plugins.

With over 60k active installs and a sterling rating of 4.7/5.0, Caldera Forms is indeed the choice form builder for a great number of people. But why is Caldera Forms so awesome? You ask. To that, the developer says:

Because we are awesome 🙂 We set out to make a different kind of WordPress form builder. It’s no secret that there are a lot of established leaders in this field. But we think that by starting with no conceptions of what a WordPress form builder should be or how it works, we were able to make something special.

Urrm, okay. What about the features? Caldera Forms boasts of a slew of amazing features including a drag and drop visual form builder that allows you to create forms out of this world, built-in spam protection, a responsive design, email notifications, multiple form templates, 19 custom form fields, conditional logic and much more.

Caldera Forms is a free plugin, but you can choose from over 30 premium addons if you need more from your registration forms.

Our Verdict

Personally, I will choose Registration Magic any day without batting an eyelid. The overwhelming number of features and the great price won me over. Please feel free to download the free version and take it for a test drive. Perhaps you could even come back here and share what you find out 🙂

Final Remarks

Streamlining user registration on your website will have a positive impact on engagement and consequently your bottom line. The easier users can register on your site, the better. And who needs boring and ugly user registration forms that are as hideous as a monkey in a negligee?

Which of the custom registration plugins listed here will you choose? If you’ve already tried any of these custom registration plugins, what’s your opinion? Did we leave out your favorite custom registration plugin? Do you have a question or suggestion? Please don’t hesitate sharing in the comments below.

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