Top 4 Content Suggestion Tools for Social Media

July 31, 2015

As of July 2015, more than 40% of the world’s population is connected to the internet. There has been a steady growth in Internet penetration over the last few years, and needless to say, the worldwide web has emerged as a dominant source of content. With more businesses taking to social media to expand their market and reach out to their target audience, the Internet is being flooded with content that has been created to serve this need.

But how does one come up with new content on a daily basis? It is not just the quantity of the content; it is the quality that matters too. Irrelevant and out-of-context content can confuse your customers and push them away from you. This is where content suggestion tools come in handy. Based on topic or keyword searches, these tools help you curate content that is relevant to your audience.

Here are a few of these content suggestion tools you should try:


DrumUp is a content discovery and social scheduling tool that uses advanced Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms to generate fresh and relevant content recommendations. The free tool currently allows you to schedule and post content to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Apart from scheduling posts from the content stream, you can also add custom posts along with images and schedule them for sharing too. It also lets you connect your blog feed to your social media pages.



Flipboard brings the entire world of content to you through its huge library of news and magazine articles. The app offers more than 34,000 topics to choose from, and thee app is available in 20 languages. With Flipboard, you can curate articles that interest you into your own magazine and refer to them later on, or publish them at a later date. Flipboard does not come with any social scheduling features, but you can share interesting articles on Facebook and Twitter as and when you come across them by clicking on the envelope icon.

Flipboard screenshot


Prismatic is a news reader that helps you discover content, in different media formats, that will be relevant to your interests. It uses your profile data from social sites such as Facebook and Twitter to identify your interests. It uses its profile analysis data to give you the most suitable content recommendations. Once you select a few topics that are of interest to you, the tool will follow these topics to give you content recommendations regularly. The tool lets you share content on Facebook and Twitter.

Prismatic screenshot


Klout curates content for you based on the keywords you type into the tool. It runs its algorithm to return relevant results for your search and also tells you why a certain topic has been recommended. Klout also helps you measure your social authority based on its Klout Score. The scores are collected over the time and represented through graphs for easy understanding of the user. You can also identify experts on a particular topic using the tool.

Klout Screenshot


Considering that Buffer and Swayy, two popular tools will be closing down their content recommendations by the end of August, the powerful content suggestion tools discussed in this post are sure to save you a lot of time and effort in finding and sharing great content. There also several other content recommendation tools you could explore; leave us a comment to tell us which one is your favorite.

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