There’s a Future Job in Your Past

— March 11, 2017

The easiest job to qualify for is an opening that’s very similar to your latest job.

Executive recruiters want to present executive candidates that precisely fit the job specifications they’re hired to fill. That’s their job.

Companies are demanding executives who have worked:

  • For specific companies,
  • In specific categories,
  • Doing specific functions, and
  • At specific levels.

An active member of the American Marketing Association’s Executive Circle and Americas Regional Leader for Consumer and Retail Practice at Boyden Executive Search, Doug Ehrenkranz advises future job seekers to write a complete résumé: Every company, every job, and every date.

Future Job Candidates Must Sell Their Accomplishments

Martin Kartin, founder of Martin Kartin & Company, a boutique firm working with large clients often on difficult assignments, also prides himself on finding people who fit his clients’ specifications. Martin adds that: “Clients want details on what you did in the job, and too many résumés spend too much time on describing the job.” After making their job history obvious, candidates must prove they:

  • Have been successful,
  • Are up-to-date on the trends of the day,
  • Can generate change, and
  • Will fit in the hiring company’s culture.

Finally, Martin focuses on determining which finalist will best be able to work with the CEO, which is necessary for an executive to be successful in his or her future job at the new company.

Obviously, there is no such thing as a sure thing to obtain your future job offer. Regardless, if your history exactly fits the requirements, then you should pass the screening phase and advance to the interview stage.

At that point, you need to be very clear how your history makes you uniquely suited for the hiring company’s needs. Here’s where you need to have a very specific sales message that directly connects your history to their perceived future needs. Remember to make WIIFT very clear, especially for the hiring manager.

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