The Smartest Ways You Can Promote Your Blog

by Ivana Kitanovic April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016

Ghosts running around your blog, dust gathered on your posts and spiders crawling on the screen. That’s what usually happens if your writing stays only to yourself and no one in the online world hears about it. Okay maybe I went a little bit too far with the ghosts and spiders but you get the point. A blog that’s far from the eyes of readers and potential subscribers is an abandoned place and everything you’ve posted suddenly becomes in vain. As much as the well-written and quality content matters, it remains unexplored without an efficient promotion strategy.

You don’t want that, do you? That’s why you have to promote in all the ways possible. Shout your existence around the web and leave no one ignorant of your blog posts. I have just the things you need so come on. Let’s learn something new about blog promotion together!

Promoting your blog is just as if not more important than creating the content. You could have the best piece of content in the world but if nobody sees it, what’s the point, right? 
Blogs are incredible tools that can be used for so many different things — from personal branding to affiliate marketing and launching a consulting business. 
In fact, consulting and blogging go hand in hand. Promoting your blog can be a great way to launch your consulting business because your blog can help establish your expertise on a given topic. 
Let’s say you have a blog that’s all about SEO and want to start an SEO agency. Your blog can be used as an incredibly powerful tool to build trust and credibility for your agency brand. 
When it comes to consulting, there’s one person that stands out above the rest. He’s a guy called Sam Ovens and he teaches people how to grow wildly profitable consulting businesses. Some people assume that his consulting accelerator course is a scam but this couldn’t be further from the truth.
Ask the birds, reactions and pins for help

The Smartest Ways You Can Promote Your Blog

One of the smartest ways to let everyone know that you run a blog and encourage them to visit it, is through social media. You know, the reactions on Facebook, the little tweeting bird on Twitter or the captivating pins on Pinterest. All of those are your allies in the promotion game. Yes. It’s actually a game of attracting more and more users and driving them to your blog.

Let us put it into action. Imagine you run a food blog and no matter how delicious and useful your posts are they get little or no traffic at all. It’s clearly because not enough people had seen them. That’s why it would be a good idea to post a status on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter going something like ‘You can’t have tried anything tastier than this’ accompanied by a link to your blog post. See? It’s not hard at all yet it can be very efficient.

Nowadays almost every human on the planet visits the social media sites every day so there’s nothing better to get yourself known than that.

Ding dong!

The Smartest Ways You Can Promote Your Blog

Everyone likes guests. They lighten the house and make the atmosphere more special. Bloggers like them, too, so that’s your chance to open yourself and present your blog to the world. Just knock on the door of some other blogger, preferably writing in your field and arrange a couple of guest posts. Offer to write a few posts that would be interesting and compelling enough to bring more traffic to their blog, as well, and you have the perfect deal.

In the food blog example, choose a blogger that writes about recipes or restaurants and contact them at once. By posting your own article on another blog like a guest, you will help the users spot you more easily and come to your blog. Is anything smarter than that?

Check out my list of blogging sites that you can pitch to and guest post.

The Smartest Ways You Can Promote Your Blog

Among other things, emails are another amazing way to promote your blog. You won’t believe it, but people can do countless of things with their help. They offer many options and represent the base of relationships online. I mean, who doesn’t have an email nowadays?

Use that popularity of emails in your advantage and notify people of your blog and your posts through them. How? I’ll present a few possibilities to you:

  • Email list – building an email list provides a great opportunity for you to let all those interested in your posts know of all the updates connected to your blog. Although there’s an argument that it’s better to wait for more traffic before you do that, an email list with 10 people is more than nothing. It’s interesting and encouraging to have someone that follows you and plus it’s a great way to promote your new posts.
  • Email outreach – firstly, let’s clear this up. An email outreach means to notify people that you’ve mentioned them or referred to them in your posts or simply to ask them nicely to share your blog on their platforms. Those are usually famous and successful people in their areas so it’s a nice move to let them know of your blog’s existence. And not to mention that by that you promote your name to them and gain a chance to be featured in one of their posts. Cool, right?
Contest time!

Podium for winner; success in sport activity

Sometimes it seems strange, but users are willing to do anything to win some prizes online. They are easily impressed by blogs and sites that have contests with a chance for earning valuable prizes. So why not be one of them, yourself?

Announce that you’re hosting a contest on every platform possible and even send out emails to random people that you found online. Also don’t forget to put a condition that would state ‘share it in other to participate’. The more people know about the contest the more of them will click the link to your blog to participate. But, have this in mind! You don’t want to disappoint them at all. And that means giving them the prizes you have promised.

For instance, if you run a fashion blog and you want to promote it then offer a free e-book on the best fashion choices for the season or an actual piece of clothing as a prize for the winner and there you have your wanted promotion.

Sadly we live in a world where quality content itself doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. That is why bloggers often scratch their heads in dilemmas about where to promote their posts and whether their chosen path to promotion will get any results. I am proud to announce that the search is over. With the above mentioned points, I am almost a hundred percent sure that you will get your time in the spotlight. No matter if we talk about social media, email marketing, guest posting or hosting contests and giveaways, your blog will surely chase away the ghosts by itself and gain the well-deserved promotion. Just don’t be shy to speak and go ahead in your intention to make every single user online know your name. You can thank me later!

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