The Death of Brick And Mortar [Infographic]

October 5, 2015

Have you ever tried to find something obscure by driving from store to store and asking the people inside for help?  Chances are if you have, it hasn’t been any time in the last few years.  Online retailers have really taken off, and chores that used to take sometimes days to complete can be done with a few clicks of a mouse.  There’s no longer any need to drive around all day wasting your gas in search of some little bolt you need to keep your toaster’s crumb tray shut.  Just search and click and what you need is delivered right to your door.

So why is it that so many retailers still don’t believe in the power of online sales?  There have been many retailers whose sales have slumped in the years they neglected ecommerce, and there have been many famous cases of companies going out of business completely because of this practice.  Blockbuster famously turned down Netflix when it came knocking in 2000, and now Netflix is a household name while Blockbuster is fading into obscurity.

Even if your online business starts off small, just remember you have a much wider audience you can build.  EBay started in someone’s living room and now it’s a huge global platform in over two dozen countries.  Amazon started as a bookseller and now they deliver fresh groceries and are the largest etailer on the internet.

Neglecting online sales is a huge mistake in the era of digital convenience.  Customers will go where it’s convenient for them.  Unless you’re the big box store right next to their house, you may be in trouble.  Learn more about the importance of online retail sales from this infographic!  You might be surprised how many companies got into trouble by neglecting this crucial peice of the market!

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