The 10 Deliciously Unique Content Marketers To Follow On Twitter

by Heba Hosny March 17th, 2015 


The content marketing scene is brimming with big players. Most of them get noticed soon enough because hungry audience are eager for outstanding content.

As a self-proclaimed Aha expert, I enjoy following content marketers who have an edge. To name just a few, I’m hooked on Marie Forleo, Gary Vaynerchuk, and the one and only Seth Godin.

It goes without saying that including these names on a top-10-list is like announcing that sun rises every day! Let these hotshots enjoy all the love they already have and deserve and allow me to shed light on 10 of my absolute favorite content marketers.

All of the names coming up have mastered the 3 E’s of content marketing: Their content is Educational, Engaging and Entertaining. It’s no wonder that I devour their deliciously unique content on regular basis for a healthy dose of inspiration. And so will you. Enjoy!

*** Names are listed in alphabetical order based on last name ***

1. Scott Abel

scott-abelScott Abel is founder of The Content Wrangler where he showcases his obsession for intelligent content marketing tactics. Scott is a globally recognized international speaker and presenter and the founding member of Content Management Professionals.

On top of that, he co-produces the annual Intelligent Content Conference and Content Strategy Workshops.

Good ahead! Follow @scottabel on Twitter . You will be glad you did.

Check out one of his latest blog posts:
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2. Bernie Borges

bernie-borgesBernie is founder and CEO of Find and Convert : A B2B marketing agency. Bernie hosts the Social Business Engine digital TV show and podcast.

Bernie’s main focus is digital marketing best practices and well tested content marketing strategies. He believes that “Digital marketing is about one thing: Getting Results”

To master the art of results-driven content marketing, follow @bernieborges on Twitter.

Check out one of his latest blog posts:
Why Social Fluency Should Be Required in the C-Suite

3. Heidi Cohen

heidi-cohenHeidi Cohen, the ultimate actionable marketer, is the President of Riverside Marketing Strategies. Her passion for writing began at age 8 when she aspired to become an author. By age 18, she was already working in her family newspaper business.

After receiving several honorary degrees, Heidi’s marketing career skyrocketed as she worked for major international brands such as The Economist and Citibank. On top of that, she’s a professor and a global speaker at top marketing conferences around the world.

To enjoy her actionable marketing tips, follow @heidicohen on Twitter.

Check out one of her latest blog posts:
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4. Andy Crestodina

andy-crestodinaAndy Crestodina is the strategic director of Orbit Media. He’s also the author of”Content Chemistry: An Illustrated Guide to Content Marketing”. Over the past 12 years, he has provided web strategy consultation to 1000+ businesses.

Andy shares his digital marketing insights as a speaker and a blogger on his popular Orbit blog.

If you’re up for a consistently outstanding content, follow @crestodina on Twitter.

Check out one of his latest blog posts:
Web Content Writing: Creating Content for the Lead Generation Funnel

5. Barry Feldman

barry-feldmanBarry Feldman is CEO at Feldman Creative where he brags 25+ experience in providing”to the point” e-marketing solutions to his happy clients.

Named as one of the”25 Social Media Marketing Experts You Need to Know” by LinkedIn, Barry is making his mark on the digital marketing hall of fame. Did I mention that the Online Marketing Institute featured him in their Top 40 Digital Strategists list?

Enough said! The guy is all over the place. Just follow @FeldmanCreative on Twitter and thank me later.

Check out one of his latest blog posts:
Dogs are a Content Marketer’s Best Friend [A Case Study on Engaging Content]

6. Doug Kessler

doug-kesslerDoug Kessler is the co-founder and creative director at Velocity : a B2B marketing agency to the stars. Doug is a self-proclaimed content marketing junkie who is a “copywriter at heart but with a secret jones for analytics”

What fascinates me most about his writing is his in-your-eyes spark. He is so vibrant and lively that, as I read his articles, I can hear his confident voice speaking the British accent that I adore.

Yes I love the British accent but enough about me! Follow @dougkessler on Twitter and prepare to be amazed

Check out one of his latest blog posts:

7. Krista Neher

krista-neherKrista Neher is the CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a globally recognized international speaker and a bestselling author . She has written 3 books on social media marketing and was one of the pioneers and trendsetters who wrote about social media at its early stages.

Krista is the creator of a social media marketing accredited certification programs. Her list of happy clients includes big names like Google, GE, P&G, GE, Remax and the list goes on and on.

Did I mention that she’s a fellow Canadian? Yes I’m biased to Canadians but that’s only one aspect of her charm. Follow @KristaNeher on Twitter and enjoy the ride.

Check out one of her latest blog posts:
Entrepreneurship: Why Passion Matters Most

8. Simon Penson

simon-pensonSimon is the founder of Zazzle Media: A digital content strategy, creation and distribution agency. He’s a Hubspot contributor with a passion for mixing SEO with content marketing best practices.

On top of that, Simon is yet another UK-based content marketing rock star on this list.

Trust me; my soft spot for the British accent had nothing to do with it! His compelling content did all the magic. Follow @simonpenson on Twitter and see for yourself.

Check out one of his latest blog posts:
Social Analytics Hacks to Maximise Content Impact

9. Neal Schaffer

neal-shafferAs I went through Neal Schaffer’s impressive career journey, I figured it would be easier to share what he can NOT do! Neal is the author of “Maximize Your Social”book and the creator of a widely popular blog Maximize Social Business .

In addition, he’s an internationally recognized speaker who shared his social media insights in three continents so far.

Did I mention that Neal was listed in Forbes”Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer” two years in a row and Forbes “Top 5 Social Sales Influencers”? I enjoy saving the best for last! Follow @ NealSchaffer on Twitter and thank me later.

Check out one of his latest blog posts:
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10. Angie Schottmuller

angie-schottmullerAngie is the director of strategy and optimization at Three Deep Marketing. With over 16 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing, Angie’s list of happy clients includes big names such as Nestle USA, Gerber, The Home Depot, Andersen Windows – to name just a few.

“Conversion Optimist”,”ROI Champion”and”Inbound marketing thought leader”are some of her rightful titles. Angie is a results-driven marketer who digs the best tactics of social branding, lead generation, social media engagement and customer loyalty.

If you are looking for the best up-to-date e-marketing advice, Angie is the one to keep an eye on. Follow @aschottmuller on Twitter.

Check out one of her latest blog posts:
Color Usability Optimization: 4 Keys to Harnessing Physiology for More Conversions

Show Don’t Tell

Intelligent marketers don’t bore people to tears and go on forever about their incredible accomplishments. Instead, they”show”(in actions not words) what they are capable of. That’s exactly what”Show don’t tell”means in plain English.

I hate talking theory. That’s why; I included content samples for my chosen content marketing champions as I believe that their own work speaks for their expertise much better than I could ever do.

You may check them out at a glance by subscribing to my 10 Fab Content Marketing Pros”Twitter list.

Who’s Next?

I will be writing more”top 10″ blog posts for e-marketing stars in the near future. Please nominate your favorites in the comments.

Your valuable contribution is much appreciated. To our success!

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