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An Instagram Prediction

by Connor Gallic July 27, 2016 Follow @gallic_cJuly 27, 2016 What will Facebook do next after they finish rolling out business profiles? Well, I recently noticed that Instagram started showing suggested friends in my newsfeed. It is a pretty cool feature for finding new friends quickly, but I believe it is merely a primer for … Continue reading An Instagram Prediction

SEO in 2015: Prediction Trends & Your Action Plan

  by Lyena Solomon January 7th, 2015  Lyena Solomon I am leading the SEO and analytics teams providing strategy and overseeing processes. I facilitate and carry out training and testing latest strategies to improve conversion and revenue. Being a people person, I establish and maintain relationships with vendors and business partnerships. By now, you have … Continue reading SEO in 2015: Prediction Trends & Your Action Plan