Staying Competitive With Visual Marketing

Staying Competitive With Visual Marketing

It’s no secret that imagery is the key to the success of your online business. Whether you’re advertising with Barracuda Banner Stands or an eye-catching Facebook ad, we’re automatically drawn to imagery more than plain text.   In fact, pages and sites which contain images and videos receive over 32% more traffic than those which don’t but, before you get busy uploading, there are a few things you need to know when it comes to your visual marketing.

Keep it original

When first setting out with your visual marketing, you may be tempted to save time and money by using stock photos.  Don’t.  The thing about stock photography is that the images are available to anybody with a few quid in their pocket – which means that there’s a good chance that the image you choose is already being used on a number of other sites.  Visual marketing is an investment and you need to put in the time, effort and money involved if you want to see results.

It’s been emotional

In visual marketing, imagery is used to produce an emotion in the buyer.  For this reason, whether you’re selling a product or service, you’ll achieve significantly better results if your imagery includes people.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be one of those cheesy photos of somebody grinning ecstatically whilst holding your product but, it’s a simple fact that happy-looking, attractive humans can help you to sell stuff.

Keep it relevant

As your visual marketing is designed to show up in online searches, you need to make sure that pictures, photos and videos make it clear as to what it is you have to offer.  Moody, atmospheric shots may look great but they won’t help to sell your product or service.

Open a gallery

Not a real one of course, the digital kind.  Particularly for those selling physical products, including a gallery of images on your website helps to keep customers on your site longer which, in turn, increases the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Whilst we’re on the subject of your pages, your imagery should be used on each and every one; not just your home page.  The one page which is often overlooked in terms of imagery is the checkout page.  Big mistake.  On average, almost 70% of shoppers abandon their cart at the checkout page.  You can nip a lot of this indecision in the bud by including a selection of images (happy customers, you know the drill) on your checkout page to help reinforce the customer’s interest in the product.

Keep it moving

Although photos, infographics and cartoons are great, video is where it’s at for those looking for big results.  Thanks to the fact that so many people are glued to their phones 24/7 in a constant quest for entertainment, many will jump at the chance to pass time on their commute by watching video content.  One of the major benefits of using video is that you can show your product or service in glorious, full colour action.  Studies have shown that video is king when it comes to showcasing your product and getting those fingers tapping through to the checkout.  Don’t worry if you’re not quite up to Scorcese standard, there are tons of online tools out there to help you, such as Kapwing and Biteable.

So, what have we learned?  Firstly, that visual content is king.  Secondly, that your visual content needs to be original, high quality and relevant in order to attract customers. 

Written By Ben of Ultimate Banners – the online printing website.


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