SourceKnowledge Domain Targeting Launches For High-Converting Traffic

SourceKnowledge Domain Targeting Launches For High-Converting Traffic

by , Staff Writer @lauriesullivan, September 6, 2023

Affiliate and lower-funnel units are still too often only bought directly. SourceKnowledge changed that.

Through a new platform, SourceKnowledge Domain Targeting, advertisers can buy high-converting, lower-funnel traffic on based on cost per acquisition (CPA) or return on ad spend (ROAS) goals.

“We provide another avenue for conversions on the open web,” says Deborah Kilpatrick, co-founder and vice president of marketing of SourceKnowledge, which is owned by mrge, a global platform for commerce advertising. The company initially supported programmatic video. Then it moved five years ago to support lower-funnel retail.

SourceKnowledge co-founders have worked together for about 20 years. They previously came from a search engine based in Montreal.

Kilpatrick and the other co-founders discovered a niche not supported by others. Did the change payoff? It did for the ad network ZeroPark.

Each month, Zeropark buys about 1.4 million clicks programmatically for brands like Chipotle, AARP, Wayfair, Zenni Optical and others. 

ZeroPark began buying traffic from SourceKnowledge in 2022. Since the partnership began, Zeropark has observed a 2,852% growth of revenue on SourceKnowledge.

It’s not an average growth seen across all buyers like ZeroPark, but Kilpatrick expects it’s indicative to what’s to come.

This solution lets advertisers and retailers purchase high-converting affiliate and other lower-funnel traffic programmatically. It also enables publishers to sell their affiliate inventory programmatically.

Affiliate and lower-funnel traffic historically was only available to purchase through a platform manually or an API.

SourceKnowledge Domain Targeting programmatic affiliate solutions aim to streamline a marketer’s approach to affiliate marketing through deal-sites, buy now pay later (BNPL) companies, and influencers. It’s all in the vein of maximizing campaign performance and efficiency.

Most recently, brands such as Noom and Vivint increased the amount spent on SourceKnowledge audiences by more than 900%, which is the highest growth in spend among all ZeroPark supply partners. 

“During the early internet days, we always looked for openings to provide value to pubs and advertisers,” she said. “When a publisher takes a link from us, we also allow it to put in a fallback URL. So, if we don’t hit the price they’re willing to get, they can plug in another ad server. This way the publisher always gets the price they want.”

Zeropark, a global commerce media platform, brought 1.4 million clicks programmatically in early tests for brands including Chipotle, AARP, Wayfair, Zenni Optical and others.