New LinkedIn Profile Features

A collection of new features are available on LinkedIn to show your personality and professional journey.

New LinkedIn Profile Features

LinkedIn is currently launching a collection of new features for profile pages. The features are designed for members to show personality and to bring their professional journeys to life. From your path to becoming a Social Media Manager, to the dreams you have for your brand, you can share these with the communities, connections and pages that matter to you by adding these new features to your profile.

Here’s the latest announcements from LinkedIn:

Cover Story

The video Cover Story is a new tool that lets you personalize your first “hello,” so you can engage your audience and reach recruiters. Once you add your Cover Story, an orange ring will appear around your Profile photo, and a preview of your video will auto-play silently within your photo frame.


For many of us, expressing our authentic self is also about our pronouns. They are core to our identity and how we want to be seen. An optional field will appear at the top of your Profile, displayed next to your name, where you can add your gender pronouns.

Creator mode

People love to see creators give their take on what’s happening in the news or share insights into a specific industry — whether that’s a post, a video, an article, or even a comment. If this is you, check out the new creator mode in your Profile dashboard.

With creator mode, you can add hashtags to indicate what topics you post about the most — for example, #design or #mentorship. It will move your Featured and Activity sections to the top of your Profile to more prominently display your content, and change the “Connect” button to “Follow,” to help you engage your community and build a following.


And, if you’re a LinkedIn Live broadcaster, your Profile background will now show your Live broadcast when you start streaming, helping to increase the visibility of your content.

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