Less Social Media – Try Answering More Questions

May 15, 2015

Less Social MediaI never really understood the whole reason behind trying to engage people on social media…

It was tough for me to hear people talk about their experiences of engaging with others and how it really helped them grow their businesses. Somewhere the process of providing answers to people’s questions was lost in this process. Because of my frustration, I decided broadcasting was more my style. Providing people with good information was the way to go, hence content marketing was the next stop on this journey. This worked for awhile, but then everyone else jumped on the bandwagon and now, today we have tons of information coming at us and most of the information is noise.

There is a big myth out there that “quality” content is the answer. What is quality content? What I find interesting may not be interesting to someone else. Just because I like it, does that make it quality content?

Over the past few weeks I have wrestled with the idea of where do I want to go. The answer finally came to me as a result of our client service and account manager teams. We need to not only answer client questions on the phone and through email but also online and through social media platforms. People are hungry for answers. People do not need more rhetoric about our company brands, they want answers to questions.

Over the next few months, I am going to look for examples of commonly asked questions from clients and look at the answers we are providing our clients. This information is the most valuable information we can provide others.

Sometimes the most simple answers to improved communication are right in front of us, if we just slow down and really take a closer look at how we can better serve clients.

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