Leading Website Design Firms and What They Do for You

Leading Website Design Firms and What They Do for You

Jawad Alalawi, March 27, 2020

An effectively designed website appeals to your customers and leads to improved profits. Unfortunately, many website owners focus on designs that appeal to their own tastes and miss out on increased business. This is one of the most important reasons for you to hire one of the leading design firms in Orlando when it comes to your business website design. Another good reason to hire professionals is their expert understanding and grasp of the factors that make up a great website. An understanding of what these professionals do can help you determine whether to invest in improvements to your business website.

The Importance of Your Online Presence

What is the primary purpose of your website? Even small businesses should have an online presence because that is where customers spend a lot of their time. Nearly all adults and a large percentage of teens have smartphones that are used, on average, at least an hour and a half each day. Without making an appearance online, your potential customers will see your competitors, but they won’t see you.

  • People use the internet to find businesses, instead of turning to the phone book.
  • Your website gives your business an additional marketing venue.
  • An active online presence helps you collect data and generate new leads.
  • Each year, the number of online purchases and business increases.

In this digital age, you need to market your business online to attract and maintain a thriving customer base. With this in mind, it’s vital that your website design attracts the people who are most likely to drive increased profits and brand awareness for your company.

How Web Design Attracts and Keeps Website Visitors

The most effective web design firms have many tools and techniques at hand to create pages that attract your target consumers, influence them to spend time on your website, and help them find what they need. This may include providing helpful tips, describing your products, or offering an easy way to click through for a fast purchase. Ultimately, the information, images, and buttons on your site should motivate consumers to become customers, so it must attract and hold onto visitors. Did you know that people spend less than 15 seconds on a website?

One: Fonts and Text

Take a closer look at some of the design elements that encourage people to spend more time on your webpages. Something as simple as the fonts you use can determine how long a reader may spend. Some typefaces, especially those with a lot of decorative finishes, are more difficult to read than others. There are specific font sizes to stick with and certain colors that are better than others. Light gray and blue fonts are notoriously difficult to focus on, especially when printed on a colored background.

Two: Visual Content

Of course, the format, pictures, headers, and negative space on each page must be carefully considered. Low-quality graphics and an unbalanced color scheme don’t create good impressions. Too much clutter on the page can also discourage visitors from spending more time on your website. The right images, including infographics and videos, can quickly deliver a brand message that consumers don’t have to work for. Quick communication tools that send a clear, positive message are especially effective at generating clicks and brand loyalty.

Three: Visual Flow

A lot of studies have been completed regarding just about every detail of websites. For example, when most people look at a computer screen, they start at the top left and move in a predictable direction. Web designers plan pages that follow this behavior, placing important content where viewers are most likely to look first and design a flow of information in line with the existing patterns of behavior.

Four: Mobile Friendly Setup

With the rise in smartphone popularity, many professionals working in web design in orlando and other high-tech centers around the country have had to become familiar with mobile-friendly layouts. Many websites can be reworked to appear smoothly on mobile devices, but some companies end up creating separate sites for their mobile users.

The Goals That Guide Website Creation

There are several specific aims that guide much of the work and specific decisions completed by Orlando web design firms. If your business site has the following features, there’s a very good chance that visitors will remain on your site long enough to boost your business success:

  • A clean, accessible visual layout
  • Inviting color schemes appropriate for your industry
  • Typography that reflects your company personality without sacrificing readability
  • Valuable content that delivers what site visitors want to see
  • Flexibility for mobile traffic that accommodates desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone screen sizes

In addition to making sure that all of these elements are working together for a website that appeals to your customer base, web designers doublecheck their work to avoid common pitfalls.

Reasons People Leave Websites

You know that it’s important to keep users on your page as long as possible. To succeed in doing this, there are a few problems to avoid.

  • If your page takes too long to load or if it’s constantly refreshing and causing viewers to start from the beginning, you won’t keep viewers’ interest for long. It is possible to overcome this issue by manipulating the size and scale of certain images, reducing HTTP requests, and adjusting the coding. In addition to reducing load time, you need to be sure that the information customers want is conveniently available within that 15 second time limit.

  • Sometimes websites are so cluttered with information that visitors don’t know how to navigate them. If consumers can’t find the specific information they want, they will move on to another website. This happens when there are too many choices, too much written content, confusing navigation, or too many links – including internal links.

  • Finally, your website may be beautiful and provide your consumers with the information and images they want to see. It may smoothly lead the user from one page of content to the next, but if it’s difficult to make a purchase, you’re going to lose business. How quickly can customers find the product or service they want and make the purchase? Make this process easy if you want to keep your customers happy.

The good news is that top Orlando web designers spend a lot of time studying the behaviors of site users. They know what appeals to legal clients and what most attracts party planners. As a business owner, it is vital that you have an online presence, but you don’t need to understand the complex ins and outs of web design. It’s safe to turn those complicated tasks over to professionals.

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