Is Your Email Being Reported as Spam?

  • by Isha Vohra November 22, 2015
    November 22, 2015

    You may often find yourself fighting the frustration of having marketing emails reported as spam in your customers’ email boxes. Spam complaints reflect the overall health of your email program. It is important to keep them low in order to have a high email deliverability rate. To help you find why your emails are reported as spam or why your prospects click “report as a spam,” we have enlisted a few reasons (from their perspective) so that you can prevent them.
    Spam Emails

    • I didn’t sign-up for this: This is one of the most common causes of why your prospects report you as spam. To confirm the sign-up and avoid issues like this, you can implement confirmed opt-in in your email or marketing automation platform. It verifies that a prospect’s email address is legitimate and that they actually want to receive an email from you. This gives you a confirmed list and there are no bogus email addresses that fill your database, keeping low bounce rates. Also, because you have a recorded opt-in database, it reduces spam complaints from your prospects.
    • I didn’t opt-in to receive your marketing emails: Just because your prospects have created an account doesn’t mean they are interested in receiving your marketing emails. Forcing your prospect to opt-in for emails does nothing but annoy them into reporting your email as spam. The best way to handle this is – do not automatically opt-in new account holders and secondly, show them an option of opt-in while they are creating their account. If they do not choose the opt-in option, do not send them any emails.
    • My account is bombarded with your emails: No one signs up for a company’s emails to get bombarded with emails they don’t expect to receive. If a prospect has opted for monthly emails, don’t push them in getting daily or weekly emails. Make it easy for your prospects to decide the frequency of receiving the emails. You can ask them how often they want to receive mail on your opt-in.
    • You’re not sending me relevant content: Make sure you send relevant, targeted content to your prospects. The sign-up form has the option of knowing the interests of prospects. Ensure you use that information and send information that interests your prospects.
    • I want to unsubscribe but how: Avoid making unsubscription process difficult for prospects.

    Asking your prospects to email to a different email address with a different subject line to unsubscribe can directly land your email in the spam folder. Even hiding your unsubscribe link or burying it under other stuff works as a stimulator for clicking the “report as a spam” button.

    Ultimately, you cannot force your prospects to receive your emails or control how they perceive when your emails are reported as spam. But you can control the factors that lead to your email being labeled as spam and save your reputation from being negatively affected.

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