How to Prepare Your Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

by Adam Baetu November 16, 2015
November 16, 2015

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Christmas is coming, there we’ve said it! Whether you’re an early starter of Christmas preparations or usually leave it until the last minute, there’s one aspect of the festive season you can’t afford to ignore, preparing your Christmas email marketing campaign.

To help the preparations go smoothly, check out the following tips on getting your email marketing campaign geared up for the festive season…

Run festive/advent email campaigns

Christmas is the perfect time to get create with the content of your email campaign and exploit the season for business gain. Surprise the recipients of your emails by offering them ‘festive extras’ such as gifts and offers. Playing on the spirit of Christmas might take a little more thought and time but it could significantly help increase engagement and click-through rates.

Manipulate the subject line

Generating an upbeat, fun, positive and festive-style subject line won’t do your Christmas email marketing campaign any harm. In fact with people in the festive spirit and willing on Christmas Day, it’s much more likely that emails containing a subject line with a seasonal message are likely to be opened.

Craft a sense of urgency

As we all know Christmas doesn’t last forever and now’s the time to cash in on everyone’s generous, spendthrift nature instead of waiting until the January blues and ‘in the red’ bank balances creep in.

Consequently, creating a sense of urgency in your email campaign is likely to be well-received, which can be achieved fairly easily through announcing urgent messages such as ‘free shipping only lasts until New Year’s Eve’.

Go one step further

Don’t confine the digital festive overhaul to your email campaign alone. Grab customers’ attention further by revamping other elements of your digital marketing strategy such as your landing page.

Revamping your landing page so it contains a vibrant and joyous seasonally-themed message is likely to work in your favour. Though be warned, overdoing the imagery of Christmas stockings and red-nosed reindeers could go against you – keep it tasteful!

Festive targeting

Now’s the time to target your recipients with even greater vigour and, hopefully, success. Effective Christmas marketing manipulates targeted information. For example, offering festive bonuses based on your recipients’ history with your company is likely to generate higher levels of success.

Be mobile!

With everyone out and about shopping, at Christmas parties, at their children’s nativities and anywhere but at home, it’s safe to say that we rely on our mobiles more than ever during the festive season.

With this in mind, it goes without saying that any Christmas email marketing campaign needs to be formatted for viewing across the board, especially on mobile devices.

Think back to last year

Was there any element of last year’s campaign that did or perhaps didn’t work particularly well? If you can think back 12 months, there’s nothing as valuable as learning from previous achievements and mistakes. So take note and perhaps write down the pros and cons of this year’s Christmas campaign so next year you’ve got no excuses!

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