Don’t Overlook These 4 Basic Components Of Blog Writing

By , Published November 1, 2014

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Blogs are an invaluable part of your inbound marketing strategy. Creating awesome content for those blogs is a must. I know first-hand how easy it is to obsess over content in an effort to make the perfect post. Sometimes when I’ve completed a blog my first thought is “Great, I’m done! I’ve written words and those words are all I need! Words are everything!” But, there’s more to crafting that perfect post than those words you love so dearly.

Next time you’re in the midst of your latest blog session; don’t forget to utilize these four basic components of blog writing that will make your great content work for you.

  • Define your topic
    This seems obvious, but honing in on a specific topic is the foundation of any blog. Know your company and most importantly, know your buyer persona. Knowing your buyer persona is the first step in creating amazing content that people will want to read and will find value in.Speaking of value, is your topic valuable? Is your blog focused on one topic or trend that the reader will find helpful? If not, then your post is pointless. Don’t write a blog just because you feel like you need to get something out there. Take the time to dig in to your topic, do research, and ask questions. Do whatever it takes to ensure that you’re providing your reader with the best information possible.Once you’ve defined your topic, stay on it! Don’t confuse your reader with unnecessary tangents that are likely to frustrate them. Readers shouldn’t have to work to find the valuable information in a blog.
  • Use effective keywords
    You want to optimize your content so that it’s easily searchable. You want the right people to find your blog and using keywords can help you accomplish this. Remember to include keywords in your blog title as well. The title will be the first thing someone notices when they are scanning results in a search engine. You can also use specific (we call them long tail) keyword phrases in your blog to attract your target audience. Be sure to avoid using keywords that are too general, as these phrases can be very hard to rank for.
  • Make that title pop!
    Don’t Overlook These 4 Basic Components Of Blog Writing image iStock 000017648285 Small 300x199.jpgTitles are just as important as the content of your blog. Your title is what will convince people to read your post, just like the headline of a news story. Tell your reader exactly what they are going to get. Don’t try to trick them into clicking on the link; no one likes false advertising. Keep it informative and interesting and make them want to read it.People love numbers in titles, it tells them what to expect and they know that they are most likely going to be reading a list, which is easy to digest, scan and gives them a concrete number of tips that they will take away. As noted before, keywords are essential and implementing them into your title is going to make it so much easier to attract the right reader.
  • Take the time to proofread
    When I finish writing something I’m excited to check it off my to-do list. But you can’t write a blog and then shoot it off into the digital world without looking back. You have to take that next step and proofread your work. If you’re like me you will read your blog 10 times before you’re ready to let it out into the world. Try reading it out loud to yourself, this is a good way to catch mistakes and ensure your thoughts are flowing together. Taking a few extra minutes to proofread is the difference between a polished piece of writing and one riddled with typos. You want to showcase your best content and part of that is making it looking pretty.

These four basic components of blog writing can elevate your content, helping you gain more article views and blog subscriptions. But, most importantly, these tips will help you draw in the right people and generate more leads!

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