How to Master Hashtags on Instagram For Your Brand

— March 19, 2019

Instagram has made a name for itself in recent months, and a big part of that brand-building has centered upon the ability to use it for influence. Influencers love the platform, it is all they need to build up an online profile that will make them money. It’s bright, fun and very visual.

One aspect of Instagram that is well within everyone’s reach, Influencer or not, is the ability to use hashtags. Instagram has never been backward in coming forward with hashtags, and it can seem like a little too accommodating for hashtags at times. But there is one key element that makes hashtags more effective on Instagram than pretty much anywhere else (including Facebook). Hashtags on Instagram are very, very effective.

How To Master Hashtags On Instagram For Your Brand

But first of all, the case for hashtags

Instagram, as we said earlier, loves hashtags. And they are becoming a great way to build up engagement on the platform. It’s hard to not be excited about the hashtag thing on Instagram. They’re easy to use, and the users themselves see hashtags as a big part of their experience.

Obviously, like most hashtags strategies, you’ll have to ensure that you have a targeted set of tags. If you do, then you’ll reach the right people with the right message. If you don’t you’re literally wasting your time.

And following?

A big part of Instagram’s success is the ability to gain more followers from the platform. People can follow any hashtag you create, and this means that they will not only add to your follower’s list but also help you to share the hashtags that you’ve created.

If you create a meaningful hashtag around something that is connected to your business and/or resonates with your customers, it’s a fantastic way to make your brand spread wider. And it has to be meaningful and useful because that’s how you engage an audience.

Following your hashtag means that your customer is always kept up to date on whatever interests them.

Meaningful Hashtags

In the bio

In the bio part of your account, you can add hashtags that can be clicked. You’ll be able to build up even more engagement and also make your profile more effective. It’s not just a place where you put a few words about yourself anymore. It also has this incredible functionality where hashtags can be clicked, In essence, you’re getting the most out of the bio section. Make it useful, and watch the audience flock to hashtags that mean a lot to them.

Using it during campaigns

With actual marketing campaigns, you can create a number of hashtags that are relevant to that campaign. This makes it current, and also fresh in the minds of the audience. Maybe you have an event coming up, or you’re launching an update to a product or service. Using hashtags to gain attention and then to engage an audience, you have a current and fresh campaign.

Great hashtags can also be used to build urgency. Prepare for that event by sending out messages while keeping those relevant hashtags in the audience’s mind. But once you have decided on a hashtag or two that really sums up your promotion, you’ll see how quickly they can fire up an audience.

Hashtag Campaigns

Volume makes sense

The number of hashtags you can use is very generous. With the possibility of using up to 30 hashtags in an Instagram post, there’s a solid argument to keep it live and fresh.

Put it this way, if you use a large amount of hashtags, you’ll be certain to see more reach. This is by default because you’ll simply be more ‘present’ in the feed. Remember that people can follow hashtags and it should be pretty obvious that the more tags there are, the better.

However, one caveat here is to always make sure that you include hashtags that have relevance to an audience. There are many, many spam accounts out there that use a big bucket of hashtags to get the most reach. It looks bad, and hardly a sign of integrity.

How many hashtags?

As you can see, hashtags have a lot to offer a business on Instagram. Take it slow, test as much as you can, and focus on using as many as you can to build up engagement.

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