17 Handy Hacks to Multiply Your Productivity


If you find that you’re not crushing your productivity and things just aren’t getting done, then you may want to keep reading.

Organizing is one key component to your productivity and time management to bring you back to a central focus, keeping you on task and driven for success.

There are some simple straightforward, no-brainer things you can do every day. They don’t cost anything and they will only help you invest more in yourself, your business, and your time.

Maximize your time to work smarter, not harder. Let’s get started.

Productivity Simplicity

  1. Priorities: have them. Understand them. Commit to them. Determine what is most important in your day, in your life, in your business. That’s what you need to be doing
  2. Make a plan: merely thinking about doing something isn’t enough to achieve important tasks and milestones. List out action steps
  3. Prepare for deviations: they happen. You will be sidetracked but with proper planning, you can quickly redirect
  4. Move your body. Exercise is a chief factor in your vitality and daily energy levels
  5. Do less, but do it more strategically by delegating, dumping, or deleting, leaving time for what’s essential for you to accomplish
  6. Set realistic timelines: deadlines keep you from scrambling and only half finishing your lists or not putting in 100%. If you can’t give it your all, then it is half-ass. Do you want that?
  7. Tick tock: don’t be ruled by the clock. It does not tell you if you are being more efficient and productive. Your output does. 9-5 does not mean anything if you are just “busy”
  8. Set goals: this helps to keep you on target daily, weekly, monthly. Revisit your list and revise as needed
  9. Eliminate your distractions: there is nothing worse than the ping of a notification, social media, TV, phone, etc that will detract your focus. Tune out and turn off. It is okay. You will not lose anything but you have everything to gain. Be in the moment and nowhere else
  10. Don’t multi-task: it really does impede your productivity, decrease your brainpower, and limits your true attention to getting one thing right. Put the emphasis on one project, one task at a time.
  11. Ask yourself, “how or does, this serve my goals?” If something doesn’t really serve you, then STOP!
  12. Be accountable: yes, how you manage your day and your time is up to you and only you. Own it. Do it. Be the best boss of yourself
  13. Focus on results and outcomes, not busy time
  14. Timers: they work! Set a timer for 30 minutes that you will devote to the time on task. Do not stop. Don’t stray. Just do it. At the end of those 30, take a 5-minute break and then hit it again.
  15. Break the e-chains: don’t be held hostage to your email. Set a reminder from your timer in tip #14, to check your email 4X/day
  16. Review/Revisit/Revise: every night, review your day to set your goals/action steps for the following day. This is a key component to your successful productivity planning
  17. Shout, ME ME: yes, you must self-invest and establish a healthy work-life balance. Schedule in a time that is away from work; away from must-do’s and have some fun. Refresh and refocus your brain and your body

These action steps may seem like simple, common sense activities, but how many do you faithfully implement and maintain as daily habits?

Daily healthy productivity habits are the key to enhanced, quality output and measurable results. Nothing will change until you develop a consistent routine with firm systems, processes, and an understanding of your triggers that may set you off on a wanderlust of ToDo list mismanagement. For example, eating 12 apples on a Saturday certainly won’t improve your health. Willy nilly organization won’t improve your results.

Get started TODAY. Forget about procrastinating, waiting for a better day, the right time, or perhaps, a New Year’s Resolution. RESOLVE to make daily changes for 365 days, every year. Consistency delivers results. Master your productivity with your commitment.

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