How to Instantly Boost Your Facebook Ad ROI

— June 8, 2019

If you have an online store, you need to figure out how to spread the word about your products. Investing in Facebook ads to show to your target audience is a great way to get your content in front of the right people and make more sales. However, if you don’t first have a set strategy in place for how you’re going to do that, you might find that you’re losing out on revenue.

There are currently more than six million active advertisers on Facebook. With that much competition, it can feel overwhelming and downright pointless to insert your business into the Facebook advertising game. You should give it a try though because when executed with a strategy, people are more likely to click on your ad, check out your products, and become loyal to your brand.

Let’s take a look at a few different ways you can boost your Facebook ad ROI and see significant results.

Target your demographic

To get the best results from your Facebook ad, you must first make sure you’re targeting the right audience. The more generalized your campaign is, the worse off you’ll be finding your target market and getting your ad in front of them where you know it’ll perform with the highest conversions.

Because each person in your target audience is at different stages of the conversion funnel, it’s essential to create separate ads targeted to those different stages. Someone who’s just heard about your brand most likely won’t be interested in purchasing your products right away whereas someone who’s been introduced to your brand feels more ready to make a purchase.

Jasper’s Market created two separate ads: one for existing customers, and one for new visitors unfamiliar with their business:

How to Instantly Boost Your Facebook Ad ROI How to Instantly Boost Your Facebook Ad ROI


You need to figure out what your audience likes and what they’ll respond to. It’s difficult for advertisements to catch people’s attention, but if you’re sending the right message, you’ll see the click-throughs start to pour in.

Choose the right objective

Facebook Ads Manager requires that you have goals set in place for your campaign. This ensures that you create an ad marketing strategy catered to the right objectives so you can actively see progress as time goes on. It’s how you tell Facebook what you’re trying to achieve so it can create a campaign best suited to your needs.

There are several different campaign objectives you can choose from:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages
  • Conversions
  • Product catalog sales
  • Store visits

How to Instantly Boost Your Facebook Ad ROI

Keep in mind that each objective has different methods of delivery and ad types, so choosing the one that matches your current marketing objectives the closest is your best bet.

Show your product in action

Selling products online can be tough because it’s difficult for users at the top of the sales funnel to instantly know what your products are, who they’re for, and what they do. Even if your audience is familiar with your brand, it doesn’t hurt to demonstrate your products in action so they can see how they work and what they look like.

It’s crucial that your target market has a very clear understanding of your products and services so they can make an easy, informed decision about how involved they want to be as a customer. Instead of posting pictures you could find on your website’s products page, show your products being used in your ads. It’s more practical than a photoshoot-like photo that doesn’t give a clear understanding of how it looks or how it’s used in real life.

The clothing brand Genuine People shows models wearing their fashion items so users have a good idea of how they look:

How to Instantly Boost Your Facebook Ad ROI


Wrapping up

Facebook ads, when done correctly, can greatly boost your business to new heights and bring you conversions and engagement you didn’t have previously. It’s about creating a plan beforehand and sticking to it so that people in every stage of the funnel get introduced to your content organically so they can turn into customers. Make sure you target the right audience, have the right goals set in place, and show your product in action so users know exactly what it is when they see it. It’s senseless to waste your money on ads that don’t bring you results, so it’s important to create ads that resonate with your audience and navigate them through the buying process.

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