How to Improve Your Marketing With Twitter Analytics

  • — January 27, 2017


    Every day, 500 million tweets churn out into cyberspace. These tweets are tracked, analyzed, and organized by Twitter analytics — algorithms provided by Twitter that interpret data.

    When identifying this year’s social media trends, Twitter analytics is guaranteed to improve your marketing if used correctly. By not using these tools, you are sacrificing expendable profits you could be making by taking advantage of these free services.

    Because Twitter is, fundamentally, as much a marketing platform as a social media tool, these features are built in to Twitter’s methodology and are easily accessible to any user who takes the time to check them out.

    1. Get a survey of your influence.

    To start taking advantage of Twitter Analytics, simply go to the homepage provided by Twitter and click, “Turn Analytics On.” Once you’ve activated Twitter Analytics, you’ll have access to personalized information about your social media footprint and the impact of the content you share.

    Your Account Home is basically your report card, detailing your overall influence on Twitter. You can see reports on which of your tweets are top-performing, who the major influencers are in your network, as well as overall high-level statistics tracking everything about your account from user engagement to key features of your demographic.

    2. Learn about your audience.

    An important opportunity provided by Twitter Analytics is the window into data about your audience.

    With Twitter Analytics, you can learn who follows your account, and who’s in their network. You can see what interests your audience has in common, what demographics they belong to, what kind of content they enjoy, and how these trends change over time.

    Use the insights you gain here to create more effective messages on the platform. Share the content that is most relevant to your audience, talk about the stories that interest them and their industries. The better that you know your followers and their network of followers, the better your marketing efforts will perform both on Twitter and other platforms.

    3. See what sells and what doesn’t.

    Analytics also lets you know specifically which of your tweets are top-performing, and which are duds. You can access data on every individual tweet you’ve ever produced and see how it has performed.

    You can see exactly how many users have seen, liked, replied to, and retweeted your tweets. You can then look at this information overall to get a better idea of what kind of content is good for your market and popular with the kind of people you want to be engaging.

    4. Promote tweets with one click.

    Not only can you see which of your tweets are top-performing, but you can use Quick Promote to share them easily as well. Quick Promote shares your best tweets with your ideal demographic audience, and it allows you to do so quickly, regularly, and across multiple platforms.

    With Quick Promote, you can make promoting tweets a regular and easy part of your business day by sharing from wherever you are- your analytics dashboard, your main account homepage, or via app on your mobile phone.

    This ensures your best content can reach the very best audience, and that it can do so when it’s important in real time.

    5. Manage your ads.

    You can check the pulse on your ad campaigns by monitoring your Campaign Dashboard. Your Campaign Dashboard tells you everything you need to optimize your ad campaigns in the future by tracking the performance of your existing ads.

    Beautiful graphics illustrate every aspect of your ads’ performance, including detailed breakdowns of their effectiveness.

    You have access to information including how many times your ads were seen, how many times your links were clicked on, the number of views divided by the number of clicks (also called your engagement rate), and the cost per result (meaning, on average, exactly how much you are paying for every engagement with your ad).

    This information provides real-time feedback on your investments so you can maximize existing strategies and adapt ideal methods for the future.


    Think of Twitter Analytics as your key to interpreting the world of marketing success. Thanks to the dynamic usability of the Twitter platform, this information is easily accessible to anyone, and can boost the average user’s impact performance from amateur to professional.

    Once you understand Twitter Analytics and play around with its key features, you will have all of your data integrated into a legible language you can understand and utilize to maximize your marketing development.

    Not only are facts about your business easily accessible with Twitter Analytics, your audience impact will be too.

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