How to Easily Get Backlinks for Your Site In 2019

How to Easily Get Backlinks for Your Site In 2019


Business owners need to have a proper strategy if they want their website to grow. The content factor does not have its importance but to make the website grow, you need to think a step ahead. To start with, you should know which factors can get you more legitimate organic traffic. Why would people visit your website instead of competitor links? How can you meet search engine needs and get ranked highly? These are some important aspects that you need to keep an eye on. Link building is an important process, if you want your site to rank higher search results. Availability of link building tools have really made it easy for web professionals to get desired results in terms of getting more backlinks for their site.

Having the correct authoritative back links is very important and users need to understand this point as well. For instance, consider that you have a physical store selling computers. If a reputed software professional recommended your store, people would be encouraged to visit your website. In other words, this would boost your sales volumes. The same methodology is applied in case of back links.

  • The simple principle is that website owners should focus on quality and not quantity. If your website is back linked with 10 low reputation websites, you cannot expect your own website to grow. Instead, if you have 5 highly reputed websites linked to your home page, you can witness a big rise in organic traffic. This is because when people would visit a website that already has a reputation and linked to your page, your website would automatically be counted as reliable.

Having quality backlinks is definitely a productive way to grow but the challenge is getting them. Here are some ideal tips through which you can get the best back links without investing long hours.

1.     Report and Restructure backlinks of other websites

There is a key way through which you can acquire backlinks from some well reputed websites. To start with, keep your eyes open for websites that have broken links. This would obviously require a lot of research work. Once your determine links that are broken, get in touch with the web masters and provide them with a list of web links through which the repair work can be done. You can mention your own website link among them.

  • When your website would be within the sent links, it would obviously improve in terms of legitimate organic traffic.
  • Eventually, this practice would result in backlinks from some highly dependable websites.

2.     Focus on infographics more instead of text

Visual modes create a stronger impact than written text. Users show more interest in images than written text. The use of infographics is quite helpful in getting good back links. If you have quality infographics, getting quality back links would not be a problem at all.

  • Some important tips need to be considered if you want the website infographics to make an impact. Embed the infographics with a story. In other words, the user should be able to understand a flow when he is going through the overall design. At times, people overstuff the infographic with images unnecessarily. This is obviously not wise thinking. You need to make sure that logic is applied and the infographic has a smooth flow.

3.     Guest posting on other websites

When people search for any information on the internet, they locate websites that are highly popular and ranked among the top five positions. You should try and submit a blog on one of these websites. This would obviously provide the needed exposure to your services and what you offer to the customers. Along with that, you can add the link to your website for further details. The key point is that the way in which the link is added should not look promotional. The user should feel compelled to click the link.

For example, if you use phrases like “please click for the finest details”, it seems somehow promotional approach. Users avoid such practices. Instead, you can use a phrase like “for further information”. This seems more natural. Do not adopt a promotional approach while submitting a guest pos

  • The quality of a guest post matters a lot. Do you know that in the first 5 or 7 seconds, the user decides whether he wants to read a post or not. A guest post should ideally have a crisp beginning. Have a catchy title that convinces the reader to go through the entire content.
  • A guest post would be a route that would redirect the user to your website so quality matters. Before you start writing, go through an extensive research. Reputed websites have high selection parameters to publish a guest post as their own reputation is involved. Do not add redundant information only to complete the word limit. Along with that, proofread the content. Grammatical issues and format related mistakes are a clear sign that the writing work is not up to the mark. Serious readers who put in their quality time give immense importance to the overall standard of content. If there are format or grammar related mistakes, a writer may immediately skip your website and navigate away.
  • The guest post should provide an insight of what you offer. Again, it should preferably not be promotional and seem like a marketing venture. For instance, consider that you have a winter clothing brand. The guest post should explore how quality winter clothing can keep a person warm and avoid health issues. You can gradually direct the flow to what you offer and how your products deliver quality. There is one key tip which you should remember. Do not use statements like “we deliver the best clothing” or “our products are incomparable”. Such statements can turn off the reader within no time. The goal is that you should be realistic and factual. 

4.     Guest Posting on social media platforms

Many brands are generating more business from their social media accounts than their corporate websites. Why? Social media is simply everything for many people these days. If you want to buy a shirt, choose a restaurant or even view the response of an on-going music event, you would choose Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to make a decision. There is nothing different about guest posting.

  • Facebook is an amazing option for submitting guest posts considering the total global audience that uses it.  For a lot of people, the day begins with checking the Facebook account. Once you have filtered out pages that have a high audience count, you should start working on a suitable guest post.
  • Again, do not be promotional and simply start promoting your website link. In case of a Facebook guest post, the use of images is quite common. Along with that, people prefer images over written text as they are more explanatory.
  • The flow of the post is obviously very important. People ideally prefer posts that start with a witty statement instead of mere facts. However, the use of facts is important but it is better to present them in a lighter manner. Break the post into small paragraphs so that the reader does not become overburdened with information.
  • The goal is to make the post as interesting as possible. For instance, add product images, videos and other visuals which can engage the reader in a proper manner. Keep the tone light and interesting so that the reader develops the interest and continues to read the content. The link to your website should be presented in a natural way and blended with the remaining text.
  • Submitting a guest post on social media platforms is a big plus for any brand. One of the key benefits is the large number of users who use Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media. The more people read your post, the greater are the chances of visitors clicking your website link.

5.     Feature Sponsored Posts on high-ranking content websites

While many bloggers, and businesses chose to advertise on high-ranked content focused websites. Sponsored content with clear explanation about your business products and services let internet users to trust you more, because you are letting them to know that you are keen to show your business offering, products, and talk about your unique features for them. People does not like to be fooled by content talking about specific feature of a product without showing your relationship to the product or the company, but they appreciate the fact of knowing your efforts to reach.

  • Research websites that publish content matching your niche
  • Reach website through their contact-us forms, or reach webmaster directly on email
  • Explain why you would like to sponsor content through their website.

6.     Natural Reach

 Gaining back links should be natural process, no matter how much effort you put into getting backlinks from other websites to yours….

The best ever method is to publish useful content that people can share and refer to naturally, natural content sharing is viral. The more you value you add to your content, people will share it without you ask.
Content is king

  • Think of specific topic that of interest to you
  • Research the topic thoroughly
  • Create a map for the content
  • Write and write before publishing
  • Add facts and statistics to your content
  • Reserve the rights of others, write your own words, and quote others content with reference
  • Split your content over several pieces less than 1000 words
  • Name your posts with numbers
  • Publish your content in series, every few days
  • Make index to show the content pieces in every post
  • For each post: Add post series number, add common name for the series, add specific unique title for each series post


For a website, building a reputation is something that requires both time and effort. When you have back links from a website that already has a reputation, it becomes much easier to build a stable image.

  • Backlinks are counted as a strong factor by Google and other reputed search engines as well. Websites that have backlinks from reputed websites are easily ranked highly on Google and other search engines.
  • Guest posting is one of the highly productive methods used to achieve this goal. If you submit a quality post on a website that has a high number of readers, it means that a lot of exposure would be attained.  This would increase the traffic rate on your website.
  • Back linking is a very effective method to grow a website. If you have a good number of healthy backlinks, search engines count your website as reliable and rank it highly.
  • Simply including backlinks is not the eventual goal. The quality factor is very important. If you share backlinks with websites that do not have a good reputation, your own website would move towards a decline. In a nutshell, quality back links are extremely beneficial for the growth of a website.

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