How Augmented Reality Un-Technology Is Going To Revolutionize Collaboration [Infographic]

— March 27, 2018

Collaboration is king in the 21st century workforce. It has always been king, but before very recently your boss would take credit for all of your collaborative hard work. Instead today teams are built from individuals who bring different life experiences to the table who can each draw from those experiences to move the mission forward. If collaboration isn’t in your current skills set, it is time to work on building your collaboration muscle.

This is where augmented reality comes in. The tech we are currently using in most offices is 20th century tech – the kind of tech where everyone has their own screen and their own focus and they are all divided. It’s hard to collaborate with that kind of tech. It’s hard to collaborate in a group of people who are constantly glued to multiple individual screens. Augmented reality is the un-technology that removes the screens and puts the work right into your environment.

One such device is called Lampix. It sits on a tabletop and projects your screen right onto that tabletop where the team members sitting around said table can all interact with it simultaneously. There’s no need to schlep a bunch of laptops and phones into the meeting, and focus can be restored on the collaborative process rather than on the tech itself.

Obviously this has major implications for the office of tomorrow. The closest we have ever come to anything like this is screen sharing, and even then you don’t even have to be in the same room, and oftentimes you can only see what the other person is doing, not interact with it. If you want to have a truly collaborative experience your focus should be on the project itself and your team members, not on your screens.

Learn more about augmented reality and the future of un-technology from this infographic!

Infographic Image Source: Lampix

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