Getting Noticed Online – My Attitude Needed to Change

— January 25, 2018

Getting Noticed Online – My Attitude Needed to Change

I’ve read a lot of articles about getting noticed online. I spent the last 10 years looking at this concept. Social media consumed my time. I witnessed many ways to get noticed.

  • Some good ways that saw results,
  • some bad ways that did not see results,
  • some bad ways that saw results,
  • some good ways that saw no results
  • I went hard some of the time (Active every day)
  • I dropped off some of the time (Stopped for a month)

I looked at getting noticed like a time clock. I would punch my time and work hard some days. On other days I only worked for an hour and wanted to see if I could see results from a little investment.

Today, I am much more focused. I do the following steps:

  • Start with an idea
  • Develop that idea into a concept (What is the value? Who is my audience)
  • From here, I develop the content. (sharing a picture with significance, repurposing a recent article, writing based on prior experience)
  • Finally, I review my content and I decide which channels to distribute it on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Email

To measure, I look at who is reading and what type of status they have. I like to connect with great people. This is the real reason for me to go through this process.

People are my best public relations. When people comment or share my articles, they validate that the information I am sharing is relevant and serves a purpose. (If no one comments or few do, then the information is just like all the other information out there.)

As far as results, I have found that getting noticed requires investment. Most people do not want to make this type of investment because it is a lot of work. The payoff for me is that the people I am connected to stay informed about me and what I value. Not too many people stand behind their work. Also, I can tell you that people do notice, even if they do not always comment. You know when you get to this stage when people see you in person, and they tell you they read your articles and like the information you produce. The final trick here is to keep the momentum going.

For me, it’s worth it.
For you, it may not be.

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